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This section provides links to current consultations in the Parish.

Persimmon Pathway Questionnaire

In the initial planning application Persimmon submitted before building the Cottons estate off Middlewich Road, they indicated a potential pathway from the end of Dane Meadow Place towards Ravenscroft. Since completion of the estate the only option is for a path down the lane and into Ravenscroft, by no. 79 Ravenscroft.

This path would allow pedestrians to walk safely into Holmes Chapel village centre or to the Dane Meadow country park without crossing or having to walk along the busy Middlewich Road. This pathway however, has not materialised and the Parish Council have been working hard to encourage Persimmon to look at building this pathway. Much time and resource has been put into contacting Persimmon, but there has been little progress.

We understand that residents in the Cottons and Ravenscroft estates have different opinions about the idea of having a pathway. We therefore, wish to gauge a sense of direction from these residents to assess whether the Parish Council should continue to lobby Persimmon for this pathway. We would be very grateful if you could complete this questionnaire before the deadline of 31st May 2019

Click on the link below to access the survey:


Crofters Court Proposal

The Consultation for yellow lining on Crofters Court has now finished.

Cheshire East Council have abandoned the scheme, as the state of the road surface is prohibitive of installing the yellow lines.  Funding is not at present available to resurface the road.

Crofters Court Proposal     Crofters Court Map

March 2019

Selkirk Drive Proposal

The consultation on yellow lining on Selkirk Drive has resulted in the scheme going ahead, with the work planned to take place before the end of March 2019.

Notice of Proposals      Statement of reasons

Map of proposed scheme


Traffic and Transport Consultation

Holmes Chapel Parish Council have concluded the Traffic and Transport Consultation, which sought residents views and experiences of the many issues faced with traffic in Holmes Chapel.

We would like to thank all our resident who completed the survey, for which we received over 650 responses! The results are now available, and are shown below: 

 2018 Traffic Survey Results

 The following report, produced by the Holmes Chapel Traffic and Transport Group, now incorporate the results of the survey, and will be submitted in due course to Cheshire East Council.

Traffic and Transport Report


This presentation gives some background information highlighting the concerns of the parish Council.

Traffic and Transport Presentation