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Parish Council Structure and Organisation

In line with many other Parish Councils, this Council has resolved to strive for Quality Status. Quality Status is an evidence based qualification / accreditation that requires a Council to prove that it carries out its affairs according to set rules and standards, provides proper information to (and consultation with) residents and employs an officer who has achieved an accredited qualification.

Acquiring this status should allow the Council to take on more responsibility and to obtain more funding to be used directly in Holmes Chapel for the benefit of its residents.

We have a 12 member Council supported by three Committees: Strategy & Finance, Amenities and Village Infrastructure

The functions of these various committees are described below.

Strategy & Finance Committee

  • Strategic Village Planning and Neighbourhood Plan monitoring
  • CEC Local Plan and other policy documents
  • s.106/CIL monitoring
  • Governance and Policies
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Council issues
  • Planning applications
  • Staffing matters
  • Councillor training
  • Community Resilience
  • HC Partnership
  • ChALC
  • Finance:
  • Budget setting and monitoring
  • Grants and Donations
  • Banking
  • Accounts package

Amenities Committee

  • Community Centre
  • Monitoring and liaison of JMLC
  • Planning applications
  • Public transport
  • Leisure Centre (HCCS)
  • Play areas
  • Youth facilities including the Skate park
  • Dane Meadow including Friends of the Dane Meadow
  • Green and open spaces
  • Footpaths
  • Benches
  • Conservation area

Village Infrastructure Committee

  • Planning applications
  • Office maintenance
  • Website and Social Media
  • Health and Social services
  • Education Liaison
  • Police
  • CCTV
  • Christmas lights and tree
  • Garden competition
  • General maintenance including:
    • Planted areas
    • Lengthsman
    • Village Volunteers
    • Street signage
  • Highways including:
    • Road safety
    • Street lighting
    • SIDs
    • Speedwatch
    • Car parks
    • Traffic issues

The work of the Parish Council is highlighted in an annual report, which can be viewed here. Copies of this report are available in the Holmes Chapel Library and at the Health Centre Reception, as well as being handed out at The Annual Parish Meeting.  It is also published in "The Villages Mag".

Member's Register of Interests


Copies of the Member's Register of Interest Forms can be viewed within each members profile.

Alternatively, they are also available to view on the Cheshire East Council website: