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The Localism Act of 2011 introduced new community rights, including the right to prepare a neighbourhood plan. A neighbourhood plan is prepared by the community and can influence development in our local area. 

The Parish Council are well aware of the amount of development in and around Holmes Chapel in recent years and that the planning documents in place through Cheshire East Council (The Local Plan) have not been able to manage this process for a number of reasons. Although some development is essential to maintain the vibrancy of a community the Parish Council are unhappy that the process at present seems to be out of hand and putting pressure on the village infrastructure. We believe we should take advantage of every opportunity to control the process.

Consequently, Holmes Chapel Parish Council have decided to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan which allows the community to establish a vision for the future of the local area then write the policies and allocate land to deliver this vision.

Neighbourhood plans have the same statutory weight as the Local Plan and must be prepared within a formal process. The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012  sets out what needs to be done to prepare a plan; more information on this and neighbourhood planning in general can be found within the National Planning Practice Guidance.

This will involve members of the Parish Council and the community in a great deal of work as we have to demonstrate that any proposals are supported by the community. We need to consult with all members of the community and finally have to ask the community to vote on the final proposals. That is why the Parish Council is asking for your help. More information on timescales and how you can help are available in this section.