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Holmes Chapel Neighbourhood Plan is "Made"

Cheshire East Council formally "Made" our Neighbourhood Plan on April 18th 2017.

This means the Plan is now a statutory planning document and its policies have to be considered when assessing any new planning applications within the Village.

The Parish Council are now reviewing the Council's committee structure to reflect this significant change, which forms part of the new planning regime that will apply once Cheshire East's Local Plan is formally adopted later this year.

As a consequence of completing the Plan, the NP Steering Group has formally been "stood down". Ongoing tasks will be transfered to Council committees as appropriate.



Following the Referendum on March 9th, Holmes Chapel voted decisively in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan, with 97% of voters saying YES to the Plan!

41.5% of registered voters turned out to vote at the 4 polling stations across the village, with a total of 1985 votes being cast, including postal votes. 

This large majority in favour of the Plan now enables it to be "Made" by Cheshire East Council so that it becomes a statutory part of the planning system. Its policies will have to be taken into account when planning applications are considered.

The Parish Council have issued a Press Release which can be viewed via the link below:


View Press Release date 13/03/2017  Here

A copy of the final version of the Plan is now available by clicking on the link below:

Holmes Chapel Neighbourhood Plan 2016 - 2030

You can also read the Examiner's report by clicking on this link:

Examiner's Report on Holmes Chapel Neighbourhood Plan

Documents refered to in the Plan are available by selecting the
Support Documents tab in the menu on the left hand side of this screen.

Documents relating to Regulations 14, 15 & 16 can be accessed via the menu tabs, below Support Documents.



Meeting minutes are available for all Working groups in their sections:

Vision & Focus 


Holmes Chapel will be a vibrant and prosperous hub of the local rural community, offering an attractive place to live, work and play for people of all ages.

Strategic Focus

  • To provide a sustainable environment which embraces the local infrastructure and surrounding countryside.
  • Promote a prosperous local economy.
  • Encourage culture, recreation and sport.
  • Maintain a healthy and safe environment.
  • Encourage community spirit and community participation.