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Information in this section provides up to date information on progress with a range of issues and activities in which the Parish Council is engaged. More detailed background to many of these topics will be found under the 'Current Activities' section of the web site.   

As well as providing information about activities the Parish Council is currently undertaking, Councillors regularly attend local groups to give talks and to hear community views.  

The Parish Council now includes news every month in the Village Magazine. Prior to this, there were regular quarterly newsletters which you can download from the newsletter archive. Articles from the Villages Mag can also be found on the newsletter archive page.

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We hope you find the facebook Page a useful addition to our communication tools.

Land off Bramhall Drive Consultation

On the Bramhall Drive estate there is an area of open land which leads into the western end of Dane Meadow through Cottons Woods. This is next to Beeston Close and is opposite Jodrell Close. Holmes Chapel Parish Council wishes to discern how much this land is used by the community and for what reasons, as they are considering submitting a Community Right to Bid or an application for this land to be classified as a village green.

We would be grateful if you could answer the following questionnaire:

This survey will close on Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Thank you for your participation.

Cllr Mike Street wins Community Award..

We are proud to congratulate our hard working councillor Mike Street, who has been awarded the Dane Sound Community Award "The Unsung Hero". This very well deserved award was presented to Mike last week, and reflects what a huge impact he has on our Village

His fellow councillor commented: Firstly Thank you Dane Sound for the amazing job you and your volunteers do.
Mike ,
I'm so pleased you have received the unsung hero award because you've continued over many, many years to make Holmes Chapel a better place whether it be helping organisations or putting up bunting before 6am in a morning, (yes you were seen 10th June 2016) nothing is too
much trouble, you have a wealth of knowledge about Holmes Chapel and are willing to share.
But the main reason you deserve this is for all the things you do for the Village and its residents which fall under the radar and most people take for granted.
Thank you Mike”
As an example of this - our recently vandalised public bench by the library was made safe by Mike within 2 hours of it coming to our attention - Thank You Mike for all you do and congratulations on your award.

Community Centre Poplar Trees

On Wednesday 19th February work will begin to fell the 7 poplar trees that border the Community Centre by local tree surgeon Alan Bethell. It is expected the work will take a few days. There will be some noise and parking restrictions at the Community Centre whilst the work is taking place.

Unfortunately, there have been occasions of large branches from the poplar trees falling into neighbouring residents gardens. The Parish Council believed that the risk of a branch falling and potentially seriously injuring someone was too severe and decided that the most appropriate step was to remove them altogether.

The 7 trees will be replaced with new trees; 4 ornamental trees at the entrance to the community centre, and 3 willow trees by the skate park.

If anyone has any queries about this work please contact the Clerk of the Council: clerk@holmeschapelparishcouncil.gov.uk or call 01477 533 934.

Community Centre Bank Holiday Opening Times.

The bank holiday opening times for Holmes Chapel Community Centre have just been confirmed. Please see below.


10th April


13th April



8th May


25th May



31st Aug



24th Dec


25th Dec


26th Dec


27th Dec


28th Dec


29th Dec

Open – Normal

30th Dec

Open – Normal

31st New Years Eve


1st New Years Day


2nd Jan

Open – Normal


Upcoming changes to Freeview TV services in the North West.

I am writing to inform you of an upcoming change to Freeview TV services in the North West of England, which may affect some of your residents. Some Freeview channels are moving to new airwaves to allow for the future development of new mobile broadband services. Following a decision by the UK Government, transmitters are being updated region by region as part of a major engineering programme which began in 2017 and is due to complete in mid-2020. The final stages of required engineering work at the Winter Hill transmitter group, serving households across Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and north Staffordshire, will take place on 20 February and 22 April 2020. On both dates, residents who watch Freeview will need to retune their TV equipment if they find they are missing channels. Those using other services based on terrestrial TV, such as YouView, BT TV or TalkTalk, will also be affected. Satellite and cable TV services are not affected. Similar retunes have already been successfully completed at Winter Hill over the last two years. These final stages include updates to main BBC services, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, plus some other commercial channels. A local information campaign will prepare people for the changes, including advertising and on-screen messages. For the majority of viewers, retuning should be straightforward and will restore TV services to normal. Some older aerials may need to be replaced to continue receiving all channels. Viewers may be eligible for free in-home support, including aerial work if needed.

Anyone who needs advice, or who finds they are still missing services after retuning, can be directed to the Freeview Advice Line team for support on freephone 0808 100 0288.

Information is also available on the Freeview website at www.freeview.co.uk/tvchanges

I would be grateful if you would please share this information with any relevant colleagues. Should you have any further questions about the changes yourself, please contact us at industry@digitaluk.co.uk 

Update on A50 Roundabout.

An update on the plans for improvements of the junction where Chester Road meets the London Road (A50):

The S106 agreement for the Bloor homes on the A50 included the payment of £550,000 towards installing a roundabout at the A50/A54 junction in order to improve traffic flow. The amount was based on a ‘bill of works’ accepted by the Inspector and Cheshire East at the appeal on the planning application.

Cheshire East advised that after investigation and preliminary design considerations the amount is insufficient on its own to provide for the installation of a roundabout; it is likely that a sum in excess of £1 million will be required.
Possible sources for this are being investigated, for example, applying for ‘grants’ provided by the Department of Transport. This additional finance may be some way into the future, so Cheshire East Highways are considering other options to meet the pedestrian safety requirements made clear in the survey of Holmes Chapel residents.

These options include further upgrades to the traffic light technology, which has advanced in recent times, and consideration of how pedestrian lights could be introduced across the Chester Road entrance to the junction. Cheshire East Highways intend to gather further data on traffic use of the junction on the A50 and A54. The Parish Council requested this be done over an extended period (longer than a week) to ensure sufficient data is gathered to provide a more complete picture.

It is intended that the Cheshire East will meet with the Parish Council and the Holmes Chapel Partnership again in 3 months to provide more detail on the other options being considered.

We are pleased to note that the traffic survey has now been initiated.

Kick About Space.

There have been some recent enquiries about using the field behind the community centre as a kick about space. Residents are allowed to use this space provided the rugby club are not using it for training or a match and in daylight hours only. The rugby club train on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, with matches on a Saturday (September to April). The field should be available outside of these times, but please be aware that the Community Centre reserves the right to suspend availability if circumstances require.

Update on Northern Rail.

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, has today announced that on 1 March 2020 the ownership of Northern will transfer from Arriva to the Department for Transport’s Operator of Last Resort Holdings Limited (DOHL) The website address is www.northern.olrholdings.co.uk. The new company will be called Northern Trains Ltd.

The need for a new approach to operating rail services for customers across the North of England is something we have supported and, as such, we have been working closely with Government for several months. As the Transport Secretary has made clear in his Statement today, well documented external factors outside of Northern’s direct control meant that the franchise was no longer financially sustainable. The full statement can be found here.

Arriva has been firmly committed to transforming rail services in the North.

Please see the statement below from Chris Burchell, MD of Arriva UK Trains.

Chris Burchell said: “We had a clear vision for the Northern franchise that would better connect the cities of the North with more frequent, reliable and modern services and unlock economic growth. It was clear however that, largely because of external factors, the franchise plan had become undeliverable. A new plan is needed that will secure the future for Northern train services. As such, we understand Government’s decision today.

“I would like to recognise the hard work of the 6,000 strong team at Northern who have worked tirelessly over the last four years to deliver improvements to local rail services in the North, at times under extremely difficult conditions.

“The scale of the challenges we faced outside of our direct control were unprecedented, particularly around delayed or cancelled infrastructure projects and prolonged strike action. Despite the challenges, the team has introduced brand new trains onto the network for the first time in a generation. They have introduced more than 2,000 extra services per week, refurbished trains and stations, and created hundreds of new customer-facing jobs as part of a £600 million investment programme for the North.

“We recognise however that overall service improvements have not come quickly enough, and passengers deserve better. For that, we wholeheartedly apologise. We now stand ready to support Government and the Operator of Last Resort to ensure a smooth transfer for our passengers and colleagues alike.

“I am confident that as a result of the determination and hard work of the Northern rail team, they have helped set strong foundations for future improvement on the network.”

Northern Trains Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of DfT OLR Holdings Limited (‘DOHL’), which was established by the UK Government’s Department for Transport to fulfil the Secretary of State for Transport’s requirements under Section 30 of the Railways Act 1993. Section 30 legislation places a duty on the Secretary of State for Transport to continue to provide rail services if a franchise is terminated.

As the Secretary of State has highlighted, it is important to note that establishing an Operator of Last Resort does not remove the significant challenges that Northern is facing. Issues such as infrastructure and timetabling services will continue to require a collaborative approach with industry partners and Network Rail.

If you would like further information on the Secretary of State’s announcement or OLR or the transfer please visit www.northern.olrholdings.co.uk

Arriva is committed to working to ensure a smooth transfer for customers, colleagues and stakeholders and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

Police Beat Meetings for Holmes Chapel.

Local Police will be holding the following drop-in sessions:

1st February 2020 11:00 - 12:00 - Holmes Chapel community centre

6th February 2020 16:30 - 17:30 - Holmes Chapel community centre

13th February 2020 09:30 - 10:30 - Holmes Chapel community centre

22nd February 2020 11:00 - 12:00 - Holmes Chapel community centre


The Community Centre is on Station Road, Holmes Chapel.

Come along and talk to local officers about the things that matter to you.

Mr David Monks.

Dave has received an invitation to a Royal Garden Party in 2020.

 This is a bit of background about Dave:

 Dave Monks has lived in the village of Holmes Chapel for over 40 years and he has been actively involved in the life of the village for all of that time. Whatever he is involved with he is an active and giving member of the group. Here are some examples:

As a member of the village Wine Circle Dave not only plays a major part in the social activities but also contributes to the annual Bonfire Night and Christmas events where the Wine Circle sell mulled wine for a local charity. This November the group raised over £500 at the Bonfire Night celebrations which was donated to the Victioria Club. It is Dave who stores all the equipment. It is Dave who delivers it in his van and Dave who clears up and re-stores all the equipment at his house.

Dave is a long standing member of the local Gooseberry Society. Its Dave who sets up the events and ensures everything is organised.

Dave loves dancing so he organised the U3A 'Dancing for Fun' group which was active until 2017. He patiently taught people in the weekly classes and even organised evening socials to raise money for the U3A. Dave still dances at least three times a week supporting other organisers and sometimes acting as the organiser.

Since the inception of the Village Volunteers in around 2000, Dave has been a key worker. The Group looks after the garden areas in Holmes Chapel and carries out litter picking.  It's Dave's van that ensures we have water to water the plants and to gather up the bags of refuse after a gardening and litter picking session. It is Dave who purchases the plants and compost and provides the power tools such as hedge cutters. If some work needs doing outside one of the regular sessions he will find one or two helpers and get it done. Lots of other people help but Dave makes sure it all happens and largely thanks to him the Village centre always looks well kept.

In the fifteen years the Christmas lights were put up by the Village Volunteers Dave ensured we had ladders available – now in the days of health and safety concerns the work is carried out by a professional contractor for a significant sum. Dave helped collect all the stored bulbs and cables using his van. It was Dave who went out after the lights were erected to check for failed bulbs - and climb the ladder to change them. It was Dave who thought of new locations to fix more lights, whether it was up the church tower or in a convenient tree.

Dave is a keen gardener and opens his garden for charity raising over £1000 each year. Not only that, but if others open their gardens in the village he is ready to help and give his support.  He also assists elderly residents to maintain gardens which they now find unmanageable.

 Dave lends his own gazebos to community groups for use at Village events such as the Holmes Chapel Summer Fair.  He is always on hand to help erect and dismantle them.

Dave is not interested in 'management' - committees are not of interest. He just wants to contribute in any practical way he can. He freely gives of his time to help out local people and has to be pressured to seek payment for any expenses.

 Not bad for a man who was 80 this year!  Thank You Dave, for all that you do.

Cranage Parish Dinner.

Cranage Parish Council are looking to help residents who are lonely or socially isolated -

See this poster for details.

Mr Benjamin Hatton.

New Committee Member
The Council are delighted to welcome local resident Mr Benjamin Hatton to two of our committees, Amenities and Village Infrastructure.
Benjamin's words: "I am delighted to be joining both our village Infrastructure and Amenities committees, as a resident of Holmes Chapel and a dedicated husband & father I am passionate about our local community, as such I am very much looking forward to playing an active role in using my passion & knowledge in helping to sustain and Improve our village provisions for both Infrastructure and Amenities.

Since becoming a father 18 months ago I have found that I have taken an Increased Interest into our community that my family call home, that was one of the main reasons for my application to join both committees, we already have a wonderful, all Inclusive village and I eagerly look forward to helping with the Implementation of future planning/projects and building on the great work that has already been put in place by the existing committees."

January 2020


Youth Council Meetings.

The next meeting of the Youth Council will be on Monday 2 March 2020 at 5pm in the Academy Suite of Holmes Chapel Community Centre. The agenda will be shown here when available.

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 20 January 2020

 Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 16 December 2019

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 25 November 2019

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 21 October 2019

Click here to view the notes from the AGM 0n 16 September 2019

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 16 July 2019

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 3 June 2019

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 11 March 2019

Click here to view the notes from the meeting on 29 April 2019


Dates of further meetings (all at 5pm):

Monday 20 April 2020

Monday 8 June 2020

2020/21 Budget and Precept.

At the meeting of the Council on 9th January 2020, it was resolved that there would be no increase to the precept for 2020/21.  It was agreed that whilst in recent years there has been a steady increase in the precept to allow the Council to deliver the local services and Village improvements expected, this year would differ in respect of the growth of the Village on all sides in recent months.  The amount per property therefore remains at £82.41 per annum for a band D property, raising a total precept for the Council of £233,150.00.

We are looking to fund a range of projects next year which include a fresh look to Church Walk and the provision of play equipment at the Strathmore Close amenity land,  whilst continuing to provide regular services such as Christmas Lights, floral displays in the Village centre and the provision of the Community Centre.

Jan 2020

Have Your Say on Police Funding.

Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner is asking residents and businesses for their views on how much council tax they pay towards local policing.

PCC David Keane has launched an online consultation to ask local people if they would be willing to support up to a maximum of £2 per month increase in the policing precept for the average band D household.

You can complete the online survey here: https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=157615947855

There will also be a number of roadshows held across Cheshire where residents can talk to the commissioner directly about their views on the precept and complete the survey face-to-face.

He said: “Over the last decade police funding has been subject to stringent funding cuts from central Government. This has seen the policing budget in Cheshire decrease in real-terms year-on-year since 2010. In a decade where demand on policing has increased by one third, and become increasingly complex, the government’s programme of austerity has meant that Cheshire has suffered a big decrease in police officers, support staff posts and other essential resources as we’ve struggled with more than £60 million of real term cuts.

“Whilst imposing cuts nationally, central government has dictated the shift of the funding burden onto local residents, requiring commissioners to consult on raising the policing element of council tax. Whilst I believe that policing should be funded from government as the first responsibility of the state is keeping its people safe, I promised to protect our public and our public services and to carefully listen to the views of local residents.

“Historically, this annual consultation is set around the government’s Provisional Police Funding Settlement which local police services usually receive in December. Due to the late general election in 2019, police services are yet to receive their Provisional Funding Settlement for 2020/21 so we have to work on an assumption of the continuance of a flat-cash settlement from Government with no additional funding to support additional demand or to cover pay and price inflation. The chief constable has advised me to consult with Cheshire residents on a precept that enables him to deliver a police service which keeps our communities safe.

“At £200.44, the police element of band D council tax in Cheshire is currently the ninth lowest in the country. And thanks to the support of local residents in last year’s policing precept, we have delivered on our promise of locally recruiting 43 officers in the last nine months.

“We are also expecting to see some of the police officer posts, of the circa 21,000 that have been lost over the last decade, start to be replaced by the government funded national uplift programme. Cheshire are expecting to see 30 of these officers this year which will start to help us reverse the effects of austerity on policing but while these officers may be funded, there appears no protection for the current budget and for current officer numbers in Cheshire to be maintained.

“Therefore, the chief constable and I are asking residents and businesses in Cheshire if they are willing to support up to an extra £2 per month increase for the average band D household. This will enable the chief constable to invest in a number of areas which are operational threats for Cheshire Police including county lines, major crime and modern slavery and human trafficking.”

The public consultation events will be taking place at the following locations on the following dates:
• Chester - Tesco, Frodsham Square, Thursday 9 January, 1pm-3pm
• Runcorn - Runcorn Shopping City, Friday 10 January, 10am-12noon
• Widnes - Morrisons, Green Oaks Way, Friday 10 January, 1pm-3pm
• Warrington - Cockhedge Shopping Centre, Thursday 16 January, 1pm-3pm
• Macclesfield - Sainsbury’s, Cumberland Street, Friday 17 January, 10am-12noon
• Middlewich - Morrisons, Newton Bank, Friday 17 January, 2pm-4pm
• Crewe - Tesco, Vernon Way, Thursday 23 January, 1pm-3pm
• Ellesmere Port - The Market, Friday 24 January, 10am-12noon
• Northwich - Asda, Leicester Street, Friday 24 January, 2pm-4pm

The consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 26 January 2020.

Message Sent By
Ashley Lawton (Cheshire Police / Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Administrator, Corporate Communications)

From Cheshire Police:.

We're issuing an urgent warning to residents after three elderly victims were conned out of more than £60,000 by fraudsters posing as police officers and bank workers.

Courier frauds are mainly committed by organised crime groups (OCGs). A member of the OCG, known as the ‘victim communicator’ makes phone calls to vulnerable potential victims, usually the more elderly members of the community, telling them they are a police officer or work at the bank.

They persuade the victim to cooperate with an ‘operation’ designed to gather evidence or identify offenders responsible for a fictional offence. The victims are asked to withdraw money from their bank, purchase an expensive item and/or provide their bank details or card to assist with the operation.

The money, item or documents are handed over to another member of the gang, the ‘courier’, who attends the victim’s address or meets them nearby, on the promise that the money or item will be returned or compensation provided.

In the last 28 days alone, three Cheshire victims have been conned out of more than £60,000 in cash and goods. Two victims in Crewe both handed over more than £10,000 each after withdrawing cash and giving it to fraudsters in the mistaken belief they were assisting police officers. One victim in Alderley Edge has lost £20,000 cash and over £20,000 in goods while there was a narrow escape for a Congleton victim who tried make a withdrawal from the bank but, thankfully, the Banking Protocol* was followed which prevented them from losing their money.

In the other five cases the potential victims realised there was a potential scam in progress and informed the police.

Detective Sergeant Chris Jacques from Cheshire Constabulary’s Economic Crime Unit said: “Nationally, courier fraud is a growing problem with over 1000 offences committed in the last six months. A national awareness campaign is being launched this week to target offenders, which we will be supporting.

“I would strongly urge anyone receiving calls asking for money to be withdrawn and handed over to a courier to immediately phone the police on 101 or report the incident to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. Police, banks or other such services don’t cold call so, if you do receive a phone call purporting to be from one of these organisations, don’t be taken in by what they say. They are not genuine.”

Officers have issued general advice on how to spot and avoid courier fraud:

  • Police officers, banks or other such organisations will never ask you for cash or your bank details.
  • If you do receive a potential courier fraud call us on 101 or report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.
  • If someone is trying to rush you into doing something regarding your bank account it is likely they are involved in a scam.
  • Do you bank with one particular bank but the person on the phone is talking about a different one - even if they do have the right bank, it doesn’t mean it is legitimate.

*The Banking Protocol trains bank staff to spot when someone is about to fall victim to a scam and will try to prevent them from withdrawing cash to give to a fraudster, after which they can request an immediate police response to the branch.  52 payment service providers, including all the main high street banks and the Post Office, are now fully signed up to the Banking Protocol and have trained up their front-line branch staff in the steps that need to be taken when a customer is at risk. Since March 2018, the scheme has been implemented by all 45 police forces across the UK.

Message Sent By
Ashley Lawton (Cheshire Police / Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Administrator, Corporate Communications)

Community Governance Review.

Don’t miss out on sharing your views on governance of town and parish councils

Don’t miss out on sharing your views on the governance arrangements for all Cheshire East’s town and parish councils.

 That’s the message from Cheshire East Council. The council launched a survey of residents and other stakeholders on 28 October, which will inform a review being undertaken across the borough by the local authority.

The council is responsible for the governance and electoral arrangements for the 186 town and parish council wards in 142 town and parish councils, which cover the whole borough. This community governance review (CGR) will include:

● Town and parish boundaries;

● Numbers of town and parish councillors;

● Grouping of parishes; and

● Warding.

 As part of this process, the council wants people’s initial views on how they feel current governance arrangements for town and parishes are faring and whether there is a need for change – and why?

People are being urged to take part in a pre-consultation survey on the council’s website. It seeks to gather information, which will support the development of community governance proposals for formal consultation in 2020.

The overarching purpose of this review, which is in accordance with the Department of Communities and Local Government and Local Government Boundary Commission for England guidance, is to ensure that community governance arrangements ‘continue to reflect local identities and facilitate effective and convenient local government’.

 Councillor Joy Bratherton, chairman of Cheshire East Council’s community governance review sub-committee, said: “As part of the review, we need to hear people’s views on how effective current town and parish arrangements are at meeting local needs and would like to hear any suggestions as to how this could be improved.

 “The present arrangements predate the creation of Cheshire East, under local government reorganisation, and we are mindful that there’s since been considerable change to the population, its distribution and to the borough’s settlements.”

 The survey will feed into the overarching review, which offers the opportunity to ensure that the tier of parish governance is fit for purpose for the future.

 Cllr Bratherton added: “There certainly won’t be change for change’s sake and so I would urge people to take part in this pre-consultation survey and share their views via the council website at: https://surveys.cheshireeast.gov.uk/s/CGRPartOne/

 Paper copies of the survey can also be obtained from local libraries or Cheshire East Council’s customer service offices at Macclesfield Town Hall, The Municipal Buildings in Crewe and Westfields in Sandbach. The survey runs until 31 January 2020.

 Government guidance advises that it is good practice to hold a review of town and parish governance every 10-15 years. The last was done before Cheshire East Council was created in 2009.

 Nothing is changing yet, as the review is a complex task and any changes proposed under the CGR would follow extensive public consultation – including with town and parish councils and other stakeholders.

 The aim is to complete the process well before the scheduled local elections in May 2023.

 The Cheshire East community governance review does not include the electoral arrangements for borough council or parliamentary seats. These would be the responsibility of Whitehall (the Local Government Boundary Commission and the Boundary Commission for England, respectively) and are not currently proposed.

For more information about CGR visit the council webpage at:


Rudheath Lodge Sand Extraction Site Update.

Click here to view the news update regarding the Rudheath Lodge Sand Extraction Site:

December 2019

November 2019

August 2019

Christmas Lights in Holmes Chapel Consultation

The Parish Council would like your thoughts on the Christmas Lights around the village and would be grateful if you could complete this survey:

Thank you and we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Mr David Cowgill (1948 – 2019).

The Parish Council have been shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of former parish Clerk Mr David Cowgill.  He passed away earlier this week after complications following minor surgery.

Mr Cowgill was a much respected member of the parish council community, serving as clerk for over forty years, from 1970 until 2013.  His local and extensive legal knowledge contributed much to the running of the council during his time of service here.

He will be greatly missed by so many, and we offer our sincere condolences to his family at this very sad time.

December 2019

Youth Cinema.

Youth Cinema Tickets on Sale now!

Tickets are now on sale for the next two films being presented by the Holmes Chapel Youth Cinema;

FROZEN II on 25 January at 2pm
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on 14 February at 7pm

Both films are being shown at the Holmes Chapel Community Centre - tickets (£4.50) are now on sale at the Community Centre, The Leisure Centre and Holmes Gifts and Interiors in the centre of the village.

Mentoring Opportunity from Cheshire Polic.

"This is great opportunity to increase your commitment to the future of your community .

Do you think you could mentor a young adult?
All we are asking for is an hour, maybe two of your time a week – nothing in the grand scheme of things.
If you are interested then please complete an application form


Any further questions please to Twista@cheshire.pnn.police.uk"

Anti-Bullying Commission - Call for Evidence.

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, Mr David Keane, has brought together a team of community representatives to look into the issue of bullying which he describes as ‘an epidemic among all generations in our society’.

 As part of this review, the Commissioner has opened a call-for-evidence to give victims of bullying and those with experiences of bullying the opportunity to tell their story. As you may be aware from previous correspondence, this call-for-evidence will close on Saturday 30 November 2019.

 In order to continue to raise awareness of the Anti-Bullying Commission and ensure as many people as possible are able to able to tell their story, please can you share this e-mail with your contacts and local residents in your communities.

 The short online survey that will enable people to articulate their experiences of bullying is available via the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3WJCP78


Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner

police.crime.commissioner@cheshire.pnn.police.uk | 01606 364000

Stockton Heath Police Station | Grappenhall Road | Stockton Heath | Warrington | WA4 2AF

Parliament Week 2-8 November.

The Parish Council was privileged to support the UK parliament week events which were organised by the local Scouts and Girl Guiding groups. Cllrs Boath and Tams attended the events for the cubs and the guides, and appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the event. The motion brought forward from the events was to discourage the use of single-use plastics; we will be watching out for more activity in this direction from the Youth organisations. Thanks to Michelle and Diane, and all the other volunteers, for their time in support of this event.

November 2019

Vacancy for a Councillor


Notice is hereby given that by reason of the resignation of Stewart Hamilton, a vacancy has occurred among the members of Holmes Chapel Parish Council. Any person willing to fill this vacancy should apply to the Clerk in writing on or before the 5th December 2019. Application forms can be obtained by contacting the Clerk.


To qualify to be a Parish Councillor an applicant must be aged 18 or over and be a British citizen, a Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of a European Union country.  The applicant's name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or  the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish or the applicant owns/leases land in the Parish.  The applicant must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor or have been the subject of bankruptcy restrictions order or an interim order. An applicant must not have, within the last five years, been convicted of an offence in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man which resulted in a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for a period of three months or more without the option of a fine.

All candidates will be invited to a meeting of the Full Council on 12th December 2019 where they will have the opportunity to present to Council.

PUBLIC elections cannot be held until the year 2023 but for the interim period election to the aforesaid Council will be voted for by the present sitting number of Councillors.

Tina Cartlidge

Clerk to the Council

1 Church Walk, Holmes Chapel CW4 7AZ


7th November 2019

E-mail Upgrade.

We are upgrading our e.mail systems on Friday 8 November.  The office will be closed during the morning of the 8th, and our e.mail system will be out of action.  If you need to contact us during this time please call us on 01477 533934.

The upgrade will be complete by the following week, Monday 11 November.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

November 2019.

Health Centre Expansion.

Residents may have noticed that several car parking spaces have been fenced off in the car park behind the library.  This is to allow the Health centre to have access and storage space while they carry out essential expansion works at our centre.

Extra consulting rooms are being built along the back of the health centre, as well as reconfiguring and updating the consulting areas inside the building, giving much needed extra capacity at the practice.

The spaces in the car park will be occupied for 2/3 months, and we hope residents will be understanding of this temporary inconvenience.

November 2019

Dane Meadow Update.

We have listened to complaints about litter in the Dane Meadow, and are pleased to say that a litter bin has now been installed in the Dane Meadow, beside the picnic benches.

Hopefully, this will solve some of the issues we are having with litter down in the meadow.

We are really grateful to the volunteer group "Friends of the Dane Meadow" and the Holmes Chapel Partnership, who are organising a rota of volunteers to empty the bin weekly. If you would like to get involved with this , let us know.

The bin has been funded jointly by the Parish Council and the Holmes Chapel Partnership, assisted by a grant from Cheshire East Council.

Lets all keep the Dane Meadow tidy!

Also - on Saturday 5 October, volunteers are planting wild flower plug plants in the Dane Meadow, alongside the Cheshire Wildlife Trust.
The meadow has already been treated and seeded with a wild flower mix which should create a good show next year. In addition further wild flowers are being added using 500 small plug plants. 

October 2019

Front Garden Competition winners 2019

For many years the Parish Council have sponsored a competition to select the best front gardens in the village. Prizes are awarded for the best front garden and the best senior citizen’s garden*. No entry is required for the competition but during the gardening season members of the Council tour the village on several occasions selecting what they regard as the ‘best’. 

The judges, Cllr. Mike Street and Cllr Patricia Cotton, looked for consistent effort throughout the season.

* Restricted to the sheltered housing for pensioners which is distributed throughout the village.

We are glad to announce the winners for this year are:

Congratulations to:

1st Prize:     Mrs P Horne and Mr D Johnson       

Senior 1st Prize:   Mr and Mrs Coates

Thanks to all for the lovely dispays in front gardens over the past summer months, and we look forward to another year of gardening ahead in 2020!

October 2019

Changes to Bin Collection Days.

Please note that there are changes approaching that will affect which day your rubbish and recycling bins are collected.

For more information see the link below:



October 2019

Community Centre Roof Update.

Work will be commencing from Monday 7th October on replacing/repairing 5 roofs on the Community Centre.

After going through a tendering process, Alpha Roofing Systems are the contractor selected to carry out the work. All being well, we hope works will be completed by the end of November / beginning of December.

We are pleased to inform you that the Secretary of State has given their approval for the Parish Council to borrow £60,000 through a Public Works Loan towards the cost of the works.

If any resident has any questions about the roof repairs please contact the Clerk at clerk@holmeschapelparishcouncil.gov.uk

October 2019

New Youth Council for 2019/20.

The Holmes Chapel Youth Council held its first Annual General Meeting on Monday 16 September, where they celebrated the achievements of the inaugural Youth Council for Holmes Chapel as well as electing the Youth Council for the academic year ahead.

There are now 12 members on the Youth Council – with one new member being elected this term.  The previous 11 members from the original Youth Council are all standing again for this next year which is great news.

The new Chair is Bella Mac, and Vice Chairman is Theodore Castle

So far the Youth Council have arranged and held regular meetings, have run a poster competition to raise awareness of environmental issues, conducted a survey on providing a Youth shelter in Holmes Chapel and also have launched the Holmes Chapel Youth Cinema!  This is scheduled to have its first screening on Saturday 5 October and is an exciting new venture for the young people in Holmes Chapel.

The next meeting of the Youth Council will be on Monday 21 October

The inaugural Youth Council are shown in the picture along with Cllr Mike Street, Fiona Bruce MP and Mr Roberts, Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

Knutsford Mayor's Cycle Tour.

On Saturday 21st September, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Brian Bath and Cllr John Clowes, were delighted to greet the Knutsford Town Mayor Cllr Andrew Malloy and the Mayoress Mrs Nicole Malloy on their Cycle Tour of 24 towns and parishes in Cheshire East.

The Mayor and Mayoress were cycling over 100 miles across Cheshire East stopping a towns and parishes along the way, including Holmes Chapel. He wants to raise £2,000 to set up a starter fund for a new skate park for the youth of Knutsford and for youth sports clubs.

Winter Flu Clinics 2019

Holmes Chapel Health Centre

Make a note in your diary:

Winter Flu Clinic


Saturday, 5 October and Saturday, 9 November 2019.  

Both take place in the morning.

Available on the NHS for those patients aged 65+ and for patients under 65 in an ‘at risk’

No appointment necessary

Conclusion of Audit 2018/19.

The audit of accounts for Holmes Chapel Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2019 has been completed and the accounts have been published.  The annual governance and accountability return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area of Holme Chapel Parish Council on application to The RFO at the Parish Council offices on Church Walk.

August 2019

Precinct - Sandiford Road Alley.

Further to reports of increasing Anti-social behaviour and suspected substance abuse in the alleyway linking Sandiford Road to the Precinct, we would like to assure residents affected that measures are in hand, with increased coverage by monitored CCTV of the alleyway. Our local police will continue to monitor the area regularly.

Dane Meadow Update.

As we have previously published, the Dane Meadow is benefitting from ecological funding as a result of recent housing developments in the area. This will result in the establishment of a wild flower meadow.

Further to preparatory work already taken place, the habitat creation harrowing work will be done w/c 19th August. A final cut and collect prior to this will be done. Following harrowing we will look to get the seed sown within a week and then the site rolled to finish off. 

The Friends of Dane Meadow group still meet regularly in the Meadow to keep it tidy and would welcome your help if you can spare an hour or two.

Juny 2019

Mr Alan Perrin.

The Parish Council are saddened to hear of the recent death of Mr Alan Perrin.  Alan had played a crucial role in the recent work on the Conservation Area on behalf of the Parish Council. He made a major contribution bringing together his interest in the history of the village and knowledge of buildings and surveying, which was used in the Information Boards which were installed around the Conservation Area earlier this year.

Alan was also involved with various activities in the village including being Chairman of the U3A. 

He will be greatly missed by us here at the Parish Council and by the wider community.  Our sympathies go to his family at this sad time.

July 2019

Cheshire East Summer Activity day for Young People.

Please find the link below detailing an event hosted by Cheshire East in Middlewich on August 21, including how to sign up.

Summer Activity Day

Tender for Holmes Chapel Community Centre Roofs

Holmes Chapel Parish Council is going out for tender for replacement of some of the flat roofs on the Community Centre. In line with financial regulations, we have advertised this opportunity through Contract Finder. Please click here for more information.


Please contact the Clerk on 01477 533934 or email clerk@holmeschapelparishcouncil.gov.uk if your company would like to quote for the work.

Parking on the Precinct.

The public parking on the Holmes Chapel precinct is now regulated by an external company, with cameras now LIVE and in action on the precinct.  Parking is limited to three hours, with contraventions of this limit subject to a £100 fine.  The cameras are operational from Monday through to Saturday midnight.

It is hoped that this will ease the problems for shoppers parking and using the local facilites in the village.

July 2019

Holmes Chapel Community Centre Car Park and Playing fields improvements

The Chairman, Brian Bath stated: “At our last council meeting on July 4th, a comprehensive report was presented on the options and requests for improving the car parking at the Community Centre and the provision of a Multi-Use Games Activities (MUGA) area. 

Extensive consideration was given to a request by a few residents to retain the grass area at the front and provide a bowling green.  This area was last used as a bowling green 17 years ago. In 2014, at the time of buying the community centre, the residents panel considering what facilities should be provided agreed that a bowling green was not needed as there are already other facilities available in Holmes Chapel, Cranage and Goostrey.  These other facilities still exist and there is capacity at the Holmes Chapel green at the Victoria Club for more players and playing sessions.  It may take up to 15 months to bring the grass area up to a reasonable standard and it would not be available for use before April 2021.  It was assessed that up to 100 players paying at least £30 per season would be required to cover the costs of maintenance.

The parish council has been lobbied by both Holmes Chapel Rugby Club (who use much of the playing area from August to April) and Holmes Chapel Hurricanes (who may be running 27+ teams in the 2019/20 season) for some all-weather surface for training and some games.  By reconfiguring the car park, it may be possible to provide a MUGA facility on the area of car parking next to the field.  It is expected that if this possible, extensive use will be made of this facility by many residents of all ages for all types of sports.

The council agreed after much deliberation that reinstating a bowling green was not viable and that a greater number of residents would benefit from the provision of additional sports field facilities.

The council will be commencing a full consultation with residents in the autumn where possible plans and details of what may be possible will be presented.  If you want to get involved in helping this consultation, please contact our Clerk.”



Civic Service for the Community 2019.

The Parish Council held its Annual Civic Service for the Community on 23 June 2019 at St. Luke’s Church, Holmes Chapel. 

We were delighted that so many local organisations were represented in the congregation of over 200 at the Service, which gave thanks to the community for their input into village life.    The Rvd Graham Joyce delivered a meaningful sermon and highlighted the issues facing our communities.  The Parish Council were honoured that Fiona Bruce MP,  the Cheshire East Mayor, Councillor Barry Burkhill and Mayoress Sue Bidwell all attended the service and the reception afterwards.  

Thank you to all those who attended and for all the hard work you do for the village of Holmes Chapel.

June 2019

Notice of Public Rights 2019.

Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance and Accountability Return

Click here for the notice

D-Day 75th Anniversary.

Honouring the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings

Holmes Chapel Parish Council were honoured to take part in the Commemoration Service held at St Luke’s Church to remember all those who fought in the D-Day Landings 75 years ago on 6th June 1944. Cllr Brian Bath, Chairman of the Parish Council, laid the first wreath and gave the following speech:

‘It is with pride and great humility that we stand here today, commemorating and celebrating the events of 75 years ago today 6th June 1944. Thousands of British servicemen and women gave their lives that day and hundreds of thousands of others were directly affected. There were also many of our great friends from the Commonwealth involved and affected in a similar way. Many French people also gave their lives that day.

The Battle of Normandy was only the start of liberation, but the end of a long conflict was in sight.

We gratefully thank all those men and women of 75 years ago on D-Day – many only very young. Without their sacrifices, valour and courage, we would not be here today.’

Bench Restoration.

The parish Council have commenced a refurbishment programme for the public benches in the village.  Where necessary, the benches will be removed for restoration off site.  This will only be for a short while.

We are all looking forward to the restored benches being enjoyed in the coming summer months.

Dementia Action Week.

The week beginning Saturday 18th May is Dementia Action week, with a range of events planned for the week.

Saturday 18th May - The sensory garden (at the entrance to the precinct) will be officially opened at 10am.  The garden includes plants which are likely to stimulate the senses of all visitors.  Some have a strong scent, while others have interesting textures and shape.  There is a variety of colour when the plants are in bloom.

Sunday 19th May - Local garden open to raise funds for the Alzheimers society - Croco Brook farm, Holmes Chapel, Cw4 7DR from 11am - 4pm.  The garden covers half an acre and contains a wide variety of plants.  There will also be refreshments available as well as plant sales.

Wednesday 22nd May - Art and Music in the methodist Church between 2pm and 4pm.  The works of art on display are by Gordon Davies, who was a Man City player in the 1960's. John Jack, a local respected pianist, will be playing songs from the shows.  refreshments will be available.

Sunday 26th May - Holmes Chapel memory cafe is closing Dementia action week with the final event of the week at 6pm when the memory cafe leads evening worship at Holmes Chapel methodist Church.

Parish Election Results 2019.

Elections for all 12 seats on the Holmes Chapel Parish Council took place on the 2 May 2019.  

The results from the election can be accessed via the link below.


Congratulations to all those who were elected / re-elected.

The results for the Dane Valley ward can be accessed by clicking here.


The link below is the list of those nominated for election in the Parish:



More information about the elections can be found here: https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/council_and_democracy/voting_and_elections/elections/future-elections.aspx


Blue Dot Festival.

The Lower Withington Annual Parish Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 8th May, 2019 at 7:30p.m. at Lower Withington Parish Hall, Salters Lane, Lower Withington. SK11 9DX

An item has been included within the Agenda to discuss the Bluedot Festival and the recently submitted premises licence application which seeks to increase the capacity of the event to 24,999 individuals and to amend the hours for entertainment, late night refreshments and supply of alcohol.

As a Parish which may be affected by the Bluedot Festival, Lower Withington Parish would like to invite you and your Parish residents to attend the meeting so that the views of the wider community can be known prior to the determination of the premises licence application.

If you are unable to attend and there are views which you would like to share please do not hesitate to forward these by email to:  clerk@lowerwithington.com

I would be grateful if you can share this communication with your Councillors and community

Outgoing Councillors

The Parish Council thanked Councillors Steve and Margaret Ranger at the recent meeting on 11 April 2019 for their service to the parish over the past two terms.  They are retiring from their civic duties as parish Councillors at the election in May.

Steve and Margaret have enjoyed their 8 years on the Council and have seen many changes, including the re-routing of HGVs away from the centre of the village and the acquisition of the Holmes Chapel Community Centre.

They are now planning to get involved in some of the many other worthwhile activities going on in our village.

Friends of Dane Meadow.

Call for Help!

Can you spare an hour or so of your time next Tuesday? The Friends of the Dane Meadow group are planning a tidying session on Tuesday 2nd April, and would love your help.
Meet at the picnic table in the Dane Meadow at 10am and work for an hour - bring gloves and appropriate footwear plus rake or fork if available. 
A good chance to enjoy the lovely weather we have been having and give a bit back to the Village.

March 2019

M6 J16 - J19 Project Completion.

The team at SMART motorways are delighted to let you know that today they have completed and launched the biggest ever upgrade of the M6 in Cheshire. The smart motorway from junction 16 at Crewe to junction 19 at Knutsford is now finished and helping road users with smoother, safe and more reliable journeys.

" We appreciate that all roadworks are frustrating and we are very grateful for the patience you have shown during our work. From now on, this £265m upgrade will ensure extra capacity via an additional lane, a safe journey through a raft of technology upgrades and, as a result of these improvements, a more reliable journey time for everyone using the road. We are confident that this will help individuals and businesses alike. 

From 2015 to 2020, we are investing just under £3bn in major road improvements in the region, supporting the northern economy, and we are pleased to have reached a milestone in that investment with the completion of the M6 work today. We have issued a ‘thank you’ postcard to residents, which is available via this link. "

How to contact the Police - Have your say.

I am contacting you regarding a public contact survey which has been sent to us by our chief inspector for Crewe local policing unit. The survey is to help us as Cheshire Police better understand the community’s view on their ability to contact us currently and what they would like to be able to do in the future.

 You may have already seen this advertised, however if not if you wish to fill this in or alternatively advertise it on your parish council websites then please feel free –




Liz Chesters – Police Community Support Officer

Annual Parish Meeting 19 March 2019.

The Council held the Annual Parish Meeting 2019 on Tuesday 19 March at 7pm, in the Brooklands room at the Community Centre.

It was a great evening, with the residents who attended enjoying the informative talks.

See the full report under parish meetings or click here

Copies of the Chairmans Annual report are now available in the library.


March 2019

Connecting the elderly/isolated/vulnerable in Dane Valley Area with young children.

The next project meeting will be this Thursday, 7th March, 10.30 – 11.30 at The Scout Hut in the village.  In order to prepare for this meeting, we need the support of willing volunteers please – you don’t need to have attended the last meeting to support!

It was decided at our last meeting that we would attend local events in order to discuss our project with the older people in our community, and to find out what kind of activities they would like to take part in. With this in mind, we are looking for some volunteers (who can obviously attend with their children too) to attend the following events:

Chatter and Natter at The George and Dragon – Tuesday 10.30-12

Memory Café at the Methodist Church –Wednesday 10-12 (maximum of 4 volunteers – we already have 2 volunteers attending so need 1 or 2 more please)

 It was also decided that we would change the project’s name – huge thanks to everyone who has come up with suggestions for a new name. I have created a Doodle poll for you to vote on your favourite name (or you can add your own at the end of the poll). Please make sure you have voted by 9am on Thursday as we will be confirming the new name at our next meeting. Link to Doodle poll: https://doodle.com/poll/i8x29367gdasr4ic 

 There were several people at the last meeting, and lots of people who have contacted me separately, who have said that they would be willing to support the project in specific areas. Which is brilliant! A key part of our next meeting will be to select a project steering group and to assign volunteer coordinator in the following areas (although this list is not exhaustive):

  •  Connecting with older community coordinator
  • Connecting with parents/young children coordinator
  • Networking with key stakeholders coordinator
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Chair 

The roles/responsibilities involved in each of these roles are flexible and there are volunteers who have said that they will support in the areas assigned to each coordinator – so you will not be doing this alone, but you will be invited to join the steering group. If you are unable to come to the meeting but would like to take on/find out more about any/all of these roles, please send me a message.

 This is the proposed agenda for our meeting on Thursday. It is not finalised so please let me know if you would like any agenda item(s) added.


  • Feedback from volunteers who have attended the Memory Café and Chatter and Natter morning
  • Sophie to feedback on meeting with Holmes Chapel Partnership
  • Applications for funding (Parish Council and People’s lottery)
  • Decide upon first event, and agree upon date
  • Appoint coordinators (and identify volunteers to support them)
  • Agree upon date for next meeting 

As usual, children will be welcome at this meeting and refreshments will be provided. It will be great to see you all again, and to meet new people who want to support this project! Please get in touch with me if you have any questions/concerns.

Sophie Tothill MSc, Chartered MCIPD

Youth Council.

Youth Council

Holmes Chapel has established its first Youth Council to help young people become involved with village life. At the inaugural meeting on 25th February, 11 members  were elected and the Youth Council formed.  This is an exciting step for Holmes Chapel, and the enthusiasm of the new members bodes well for great things to happen in the near future, for the youth of Holmes Chapel.

The Parish Council are very proud to support this exciting new aspect of the Council, and were exceptionally impressed with the attitudes and maturity of the elected members.

There are 11 members of the new council, (only 10 pictured above) who plan to hold their first meeting on Monday 11 March at 5pm.

26 February 2019

Parish Clerk.

We are pleased to announce that following the resignation of Sue Davies to take up a new position of Town Clerk to Kidsgrove Town Council, we have appointed a new Clerk. 

Tina Cartlidge will be joining us from Tuesday March 5 2019.  Tina comes from the Cheshire Voluntary Services (CVS) organisation so has a good knowledge of Cheshire and Holmes Chapel.  She is looking forward to meeting our residents and businesses so please call by and meet her in the coming months.

7 February 2019

Conservation Area Display Boards.

The Conservation area in Holmes Chapel has now been enhanced by the installation of four information panels around the area. The panels give information as to the history of the area in the vicinity.

This is the result of extensive work by a group of Volunteers with an interest in history, which was supported by the Parish Council, and led by Vice -chairman John Clowes. The four boards describe the history of some of the old buildings in the heart of the village which it is hoped will be of interest to residents and visitors.

The group have a number of other initiatives underway including the installation shortly of some new heritage style street signs in the Conservation Area. The Parish Council has also submitted a bid to Cheshire East for a New Homes Bonus grant to contribute to improving the appearance of Church Walk but the outcome will not be known for a few weeks.

John Clowes said, “We have been pleased at the supportive response from businesses to our efforts to raise awareness of the Conservation Area including the Coop who have contributed to the cost of the information boards. Making the Conservation Area more attractive will make a contribution to keeping Holmes Chapel centre vibrant and active. ”

One of the four panels is pictured here with (L-R) Parish Council Vice Chairman John Clowes, History and Conservation Group member Alan Perrin and Co-op manager Dave Meigh. The Co-op supported the project via the Co-op Community Grant Fund.

15 January 2019

2019/20 Budget.

The Parish Council resolved at the meeting in December 2018 to set its precept at £223,247 for 2019/20.  This equates to a rise of £2.72 – just over 5p per week – for a band D property.  The annual charge for a band D property will be £82.41 per annum

The Council will continue to provide the services already established in the village, with the budget also including a new allowance for tree planting in the Parish.  Capital projects earmarked for next year include consideration of the installation of play equipment at Strathmore Close, enhancement of the amenity area at the Brookfield Drive / Chester Road junction as well as further improvements to the Community Centre buildings and outdoor space. Requests have also been submitted for grants for improving Church Walk in the conservation area and to complete the refurbishment of the path alongside the River Croco.

Cllr Brian Bath, Chairman of the Council comments;  The very small increase in the precept this year reflects the expected increase in some costs.  We are continuing to seek ways of maintaining our village and provide improvements within the limited resources available and are very grateful for all the comments of residents and others on what we have achieved in recent years.

15 January 2019

Holmes Chapel Community Centre.

We are pleased to say that the entranceway work at the community centre is now finished, providing additional car parking. This is the first step towards re-organising the car park space at the centre. The fence has been moved across the front of the site, defining the entrance more clearly. Removing the internal fence has also opened up a better view of the Community Centre.

In the longer term the car parking at the centre will be optimised to provide further benefit for the community and users of the centre.

Christmas Tree 2018.

Holmes Chapel is looking festive again, and this year the Parish Council are very grateful to Mr Raymond Street, of R.G and M.E. Street and Son.  Mr Street has always kindly supplied the use of his man-lift to enable installation of the Holmes Chapel tree, and this year he has also very generously funded the cost of the tree for the community of Holmes Chapel.  Our many thanks go to Mr Street for this kind donation.

Thanks also to our Councillor Mike Street who has organised the tree and Christmas lights once again

Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs).

The latest data has been downloaded from our SIDs around the Village, as of 30 October 2018.  It has been added to the data on traffic and speeding which is available to view on this website - click here to view

Conclusion of Traffic Survey.

The parish Council would like to thank all of our residents who participated in the recent traffic survey, with a great response of over 650 completing the survey.

The Traffic & Transport Working Group (all volunteers) have now summarised the results of the survey, which are available here:  Traffic Survey Results

We will also have a physical display of the results in the Library W/C 26th November and the Parish Office on December 2nd for the Christmas Market.

Overall the results demonstrate the concerns you have about traffic levels and hotspots, the number of HGV’s, air quality and pedestrian safety issues around the village, together with the extent of support for a village bypass and pedestrianisation of the village centre. Cycling was viewed as too dangerous by many people.

The results will be used to demonstrate to Cheshire East Council that our residents fully support the
Parish Council’s efforts to address these issues. We will keep you upto date on the progress we make.

Puffin Crossing London Road.

The Parish Council have been liasing with Cheshire East Highways to seek to optimise the function of the recently installed pedestrian crossing on London Road.  There were many reports of long wait times for pedestrians, even when the road was quiet. 

Further to passing this information onto the Highways Engineers, the wait times have been significantly reduced, and the operation of the crossing is continuing to be monitored.

Click on the link below for a useful guide to safe use of Puffin Crossings.

Puffin Crossing Brochure

Village Volunteers.

We are all indebted to the work of the Village Volunteers throughout the season, both in the maintenance of the flower beds and tubs in the village centre, and also litter picking - all of which keeps Holmes Chapel looking beautiful and tidy. Many thanks to all those involved.

The regular work sessions for 2018 have now finished, with the exception of litter picking required after the christmas market on Sunday 2 December.

New dates for 2019 have now been published on our website click here for more details.

All new volunteers gladly welcomed - come along and do a bit!

Holmes Chapel 2018 Remembrance.

Local knitting and craft groups from the U3A in Holmes Chapel have pulled out all the stops and have knitted / crocheted over 1000 poppies, which have now been installed in a stunning display in and around St Lukes Church, marking the centenary of the end of World War I. 

The U3A also donated £100 to help with the costs of wool and buttons.

Photography by Mr V Sumpter.

Air Quality in Holmes Chapel.

Cheshire East Council Environmental Services have supplied some background data to the Parish Council giving the key pollutants monitored, together with the applicable standards.

Within the Village there are two NOX measurement points:

  • The junction of Chester Road and London Road
  • Middlewich Road, near to Knutsford Road junction

The results of these measurements show that NOX levels in Holmes Chapel are well within established limits. Other polluants are not considered and are not measured.

The BBC website publishes NOX levels on a square km grid basis across the UK. The results for Holmes Chapel are at the lowest level.

Click here to view the Air Quality Report

Garden Competition Winner 2018

Chairman Brian Bath, along with the judges Councillor Mike Street and Councillor Patricia Cotton, presented the prizes for the 2018 garden competition on Thursday 27th September. The front garden competition, which has been run for many years by the Parish Council, was won this year by Mr & Mrs Jack of Mardale Court, for their garden which gives a show of colour all year round.

Plus Dane Garden Winner 2018

Chairman Brian Bath, along with the judges Councillor Mike Street and Councillor Patricia Cotton, presented the prizes for the 2018 garden competition on Thursday 27th September.

The Plus Dane garden competition, was won this year by Mr & Mrs Ankers of Picton Square, for their lovely garden which is often admired by the many passers by.


The Royal mail have contacted us today to inform us that they are seeking to raise awareness of scam mail, and requesting that incidences of scam mail are reported using the methods shown below, to aid their combat of scam mail.
Anyone can receive scam mail, which can include bogus competitions and fake prize draws.
To contact Royal mail;

telephone 0800 0113 466

e.mail: scam.mail@royalmail.com


Holmes Chapel Show 2018

Despite the rainy weather, the parish Council turned out for the Holmes Chapel show, on hand to answer any questions and comments from parishioners.

Many braved the elements to see the lovely displays of flowers, vegetables, knitting and crafts as well as art, baking and photography.  The dog show was also enjoyed by many.  A number of classic cars bravely came along despite the heavy rain, and the children anjoyed setting off the sirens on the Fire engine and Police cars! For a full account of the show, visit the Holmes Chapel Partnership website.

Tha parish Council were still raising awareness of our Traffic campaign - there is still time to give us your views - either on-line or by filling out a paper copy. (see consultations page) The survey runs until the end of Septrember 2018.

Village Fair 2018.

The Parish Council had a pitch at the recent Village fair, where the many stalls and hot sunny weather were enjoyed by all!

The Parish Council was highlighting the work being done to enhance the conservation area and also launched our Traffic Consultation, which now runs until September 30th.  The link to the questionnaire is on our "Consultations" page.

Councillors were on hand all day during the fair to answer any questions or concerns from residents.

Armed Forces Day.

Holmes Chapel enjoyed a range of activities and refreshments in the sunshine at the Armed Forces day held at Sutton Oaks on Saturday 14 July.  The event was organised by the Holmes Chapel branch of the Royal British Legion, and was opened by the chairman of the Parish Council, Brian Bath.

Updated Bus Service Information.

A series of changes to bus services across Cheshire East will be taking place from 1st April following the Council’s Bus Review and other changes to commercial (non-subsided) bus services.

 The full list of all changes and new timetables can be found on the following link: http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/bustimetables 

 Maps can be found at http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/busmaps


319 Bus Service.

After succesful lobbying by councillors from Holmes Chapel, Twemlow and Goostrey, the 319 bus service has been saved!

As part of a review of supported bus services by Cheshire East, this service was proposed to be cancelled from the 1st April.  However, due to the dependancy of many residents in rural areas on this serviceto access vital services, and after a long campaign by local councillors, assisted by Fiona Bruce MP, Cheshire East reviewed the proposal and saved the service.

The new timetable has just been released and is available to view here


The Parish Council have organised the installation of life-saving defibrillators in the two phone boxes in the Villages.

Location 1: Phonebox by Barclays Bank, Village Centre. 

Location 2: Phonebox on Chester Road, at the junction with Westway.

Defibrillators are also available at the following locations in Holmes Chapel and Cranage:

The Cedars Residential Home, Brookfield Drive, Holmes Chapel

Holmes Chapel Leisure Centre, Selkirk Drive, Holmes Chapel

The Co-operative, Holmes Chapel Centre

The Holmes Chapel Community Centre, Station Road, Holmes Chapel

Cranage Hall, Cranage.

Woodside Golf Club, Knutsford Road, Cranage.

 Always call the ambulance service before looking for an AED. Commence CPR immediately if you suspect a cardiac arrest.   The following apps can be downloaded to smart mobile phones for emergency life support information: British Heart Foundation Pocket CPR app'; Apple: iResus; Apple: St John Ambulance First Aid; British Red Cross First Aid.

Reporting Acts of Vandalism

Whilst vandalism in and around the Village is thankfully not an issue at the moment, it has been advised by the Police to please log all / any new acts of vandalism that you see, by calling 101 and registering with the Police, thereby obtaining a crime number.

Alternatively, please contact clerk@holmeschapelparishcouncil.gov.uk or ring the office (01477 533934) who will log it on your behalf

Sandbach Almshouses Charity

Sandbach  Almshouses  Charity     

This Charity has existed for over three hundred years and the Clerk and Trustees administer the 29 properties, which consist of flats and houses, for occupation, situated at The Hill and Charlesworth Court, in Sandbach.  

Investments in official Charities Funds are made annually, in order to provide for any major improvements and maintenance work on the properties that may be required.   The Charity manages its affairs with the able assistance of the Clerk, Mr. A. Roberts, who administers the day to day running of the properties.    There is a Resident Warden who acts as a good neighbour and friend to all the other occupiers.

As well as monitoring the maintenance and upkeep of the 29 properties over the years, the Clerk and Trustees have had the area landscaped, provided additional car parking and footpaths, planted trees and bushes, laid out lawns and provided small plots/allotments for cultivation by those occupiers who enjoy gardening.

 A communal lounge/meeting room has recently been added for the residents to meet and socialise with each other and with the local community.   The Trustees felt that this addition would be a valuable benefit to the occupants, their friends and relatives.   

The rented accommodation was, originally, for “the retired older persons of the Ancient Parish of Sandbach.”   Inhabitants of a wide rural area  “within the townships of the parish of Sandbach” are eligible to apply to participate in the benefits of this Charity,  within the jurisdiction of the Charity Commission.   The townships included, as well as Sandbach town, are Arclid, Betchton,Blackden, Bradwall, Cotton, Cranage, Goostrey, Hassall, Holmes Chapel, Lees, Twemlow and Wheelock,

Anyone who would like to apply for accommodation and wishes to be included on the existing waiting list should contact the Clerk at the address below, who can provide the necessary application forms and information.



A. H. Roberts - Clerk

Sandbach Almshouses Charity

The Gables

20 Crewe Road


CW11 4NE

Tel: 01270 762547