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Planning Applications

In this section of the website, current Planning Applications for Holmes Chapel Parish will be displayed, for your information.  As statutory consultees, each planning application is considered by the Council at either Committee meetings or Full Council meetings if appropriate.  Responses to planning applications can be viewed either on the Cheshire East portal, by clicking the links below, or in the Council minutes.

18/5900C  34 Danefield Road,  CW4 7NS

                Two storey side extension, new porch canopy and new pitched roof . . . 


18/5931C  8 Bromley Drive, CW4 7AX

                Single storey rear/side extension with loft conversion


18/5373C  86 Portree Drive   CW4 7JF

                 First floor front extension


18/5603C   8 Northway  CW4 7EF

                 Singlestorey rear extension and two storey side extension to . . . .


18/5458C  58 Alumbrook Road  CW4 7BX

                   Demolition of side conservatory & proposed side single storey . . . .


8/5432C  88 London Road  CW4 7BD

                 Dropped kerb Application to front of dwelling house for domestic vehicles


18/5356C  35 Station Road  CW4 8AA

                Change of use from Residential C3 to Commercial office B1

                 Comments deadline 19 November 2018


18/5306C  14 Sycamore Close, CW4 7BT

                 proposed loft conversion  Comments Due 15 November 2018


18/4921C  land off London Road, Holmes Chapel/Brereton

                Erection of 168 dwellings, together with open space, lanscaping and . . .

                Comments deadline 15 November 2018


18/5228C  land off Bramhall Drive  CW4 7HB

                Construction of Apartments      

                Comments deadline 29 November 2018


18/5099C  15 Capesthorne Close, CW4 7EN

                 Proposed second storey side extension


18/4694C  Northfield, 13 Westmorland Terrace, CW4 7EE

                 Replacement Garage


18/4283C  Manor Point Business Park, Manor Lane, CW4 8AG

                Hybrid Planning application for re-development of former Manor Lane . . . .


18/4310C  29 Eastgate Road  CW4 7BN

                 Removal of conservatory; construction of single story . . . 


18/4235C  3 Thirlmere Close  CW4 7LQ

                En-suite extension to existing bedroom


18/4013C  21 West way CW4 7DG

                 Side two storey extension and rear. . .  .


18/3565C  96 Chester Road

                 Proposed single storey rear extension to form additional . . . .


18/3051T 25 Hawthorn Villas, CW4 7AR

               Tree works to fell Tilia Europaea tree


18/3227C 31 Selkirk Drive, CW4 7LJ

                Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension . . 


18/3195C  Pedlars Way, 5 The Drive, CW4 7BJ

                 Demolition of porch; remodeling of front of house


18/2706C  5 Braemar Close, CW4 7HG

                 Sigle storey front link extension . . . .


18/2574C  Aldi Fodstores Ltd, Manor Lane, CW4 8AB

                Addition of new refrigerator plant


18/2537C  10 Rees Crescent, CW4 7NL

                 Two storey extension to side of Semi Detached house


18/2478C  96 Chester Road, CW4 7DS

                 Proposed single storey rear extension to form additional living . . . 


18/2378C  Saltersford Hall Farm, Macclesfield Road, CW4 8AL

                variation of condition 2 (approved plans) to planning application 17/5705C . . . 


18/2116C  22 Bromley Drive, CW4 7AX

                 Detached Garden Storage Building


18/2059C  12 Cotton Field Road, CW4 7PD

                 Conversion of existing garage into habitable room. . 


18/2250C  25 Macclesfield Road, CW4 7NQ

                proposed single storey extensions to the side and rear . . . 


18/2150C   16 Station Road, CW4 7BD

                  Single storey side extension/garage conversion and  . . . .


18/1853C   108 London Road, CW4 7BD

                  variation on condition 2, 3, 4, 5, . . ..  .


18/1746C  4 Bramhall Drive  CW4 7EJ

                 Proposed demolition of existing garage and erection of new. . .  .


18/0953C  35 Station Road, CW4 8AA

                Change of use from C3 (dwelling house) to B1 (business offices)


18/1264C  106 London Road, CW4 7BD

                 Demolition of rear outrigger with replacement . . . . .


18/1176C 77 London Road, CW4 7AT

                Single storey rear extension


18/1089C  land off Macclesfield Road, CW4 8AL

                Construction of three dwellings


18/1158C  2 Bramhall Drive  CW4 7EJ

                Proposed two storey side extension . . . .  . .


18/0979C  7 Chester Road CW4 7DP

                 Rear two storey extension


18/0969C  7 Manley Close  CW4 7HL

               Single storey rear extension


18/0932C  land Adjacent to Manor Lane farm

                 Non material amendment to application 14/4130C


18/0925C    Bank Farm House, Middlewich Road, CW4 7ER

                  Full planning permission for demolition of existing dwelling . . . .


18/0687C  52 Macclesfield Road, CW4 7NQ

                 Two storey extension to rear


18/0709C  13 Station Road, CW4 7AU

                 Removal of existing single garages and lean to greenhouses . . . . . 


18/0661C  36 Macclesfield Road, CW4 7NQ

                 Two storey rear extension


18/0522C  53 Coniston Drive, CW4 7LB

                proposed single storey living room . . . . 


18/0479C  Bellfields Farm, Marsh Lane CW4 8QB

                 Change of use of section of agricultural . . . . 


18/0151C  Land off Macclesfield Road, Holmes Chapel

                Erection of a single storey extension on the rear of the dwelling. . . .


17/6426C  The Hayloft, Mill Lane, Holmes Chapel

                 Restoration of hay barn and construction of dwelling


17/6332C  Holmes Chapel Primary School, Middlewich Road, CW4 7EB

                 Single storey extensions to front and rear of Holmes Chapel.  . . . .


17/6090C  2 Portree Drive CW4 7JB

                 Single storey rear extension


17/6095C   7 The Milling Field, CW4 7DA

                 Single storey rear extension, new pitched roof . . . .


17/5993C  The Coach House,  2B sadlers Close  CW4 7EG

                 New unit for livestock and storage of equipment . . . . .


17/5930C  94 Chester Road, CW4 7DS

                Garage conversion to accomodate single storey front . . . .


17/5750C  Saltersford Hall farm, Macclesfield Road, CW4 8AL

                 Variation of condition 2 on application 16/5271C


17/5648C 12 Gleneagles Drive  CW4 7JA

                Single storey rear extension, replacing a conservatory


17/5721C  land to WEST of London Road, Holmes Chapel

                 Retention of highway works


17/5488C  land to REAR of 92 Macclesfield Road

                 Approval of reserved matters of appearance. . .  .


17/5500C  69 Elm Drive, CW4 7QA

               Single storey rear extension


17/5470C  1 Bromley Drive, CW4 7AX

                 Demolition of garage, proposed extension and alterations. . . .  .


17/5392C    9 Riverside Crescent, CW4 7NR

                   Side Extension


17/4926C  19B London Road  CW4 7AQ

                 Construction of 4 residential cottages . . . . . .. 


17/4901C  ALDI Foodstores Ltd, manor lane, CW4 8AB

                 Variation of condition re opening hours


17/4867C  Malpas Tractors, Cotton farm, CW4 7ET

                 Increase size of vehicle and car parking area..........   


17/4804C  Bank Farm Middlewich Road, CW4 7ER

                 Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 7 dwellings..... 


17/4519C  land at Macclesfield Road  Holmes Chapel

                 Construction of 3 dwellings


17/4233C  The Coach House  2B sadlers Close, CW4 7EG

                 Variation of condition 2 on ..............


17/3592C   1 Station Road  CW4 7AU

                  Two storey side facing extension and rear . . . .  .


17/3412C  10 Hawthorne Villas  CW4 7AR

                 Proposed ground floor rear extension to ..........


17/3331C Rear of 108 London Road CW4 7BD

                Construction of 2 new dwellings


17/3191C  4 Moreton Drive, Holmes Chapel CW4 7EL

                  Construction of single storey rear extension


17/3078C  15 Cotton Field Road, Holmes Chapel CW4 7ET

                   variation of Conition 1 on approval 15/0553C


17/2986C  2 Arran Close, Holmes Chapel CW4 7QP

                  Proposed Single storey front extension. . . . . . .


17/2929C   10, Bessancourt, Holmes Chapel CW4 7AN

                    Extension / Alterations


17/2475C   Russell Homes, Saltersford Corner

                   Non material ammendment on ........


17/2369C  14 Station Road, CW4 7AU

                   Proposed detached garage in side garden


17/2339C  1 Brookfield Drive, CW4 7DT

                   Proposed demolition of existing garage and ......


17/2190C  23 Danefield Road, CW4 7NT

                  Single story rear extension


17/1775C  2 Church House, Parkway CW4 7BA

                   change of use from shop (A1) to Dog Grooming Salon.........


17/1636C 5 Birch Close, CW4 7QF

                  Ground Floor rear extension and two storey front extension to dwelling


17/1348C 51 Sandiford Road, CW4 7BL

                  Lower kerb to allow vehicular accesss


17/1495C The Coach House, 2B Sadlers Close, CW4 7EG

                  To vary condition 2 on approved application 16/1186C


17/1492C  The Coach House, 2B Sadlers Close, CW4 7EG

                   New storage unit for tractor and lawnmowers


17/1223C  Land off Macclesfield Road, Holmes Chapel

                  Proposed two storey dwelling with double garage.


17/1183C 51 Picton Square, CW4 7NN

                  Two storey side extension and internal alterations to form . . . . . 


17/0968C  Victoria Sports and Social Club, Victoria Avenue, CW4 7BE

                   Install six lighting columns and eight luminaires to illuminate two tennis couts.


17/0863C 15 Macclesfield Road, CW4 7NF

                  Proposed rear extension


17/0677C  land off Macclesfield Road

                  proposed two storey dwelling with garage


17/0571C  76 Chester Road, CW4 7DR

                  Single storey front/side extension, single storey rear infill extension


17/0466N  2 Northway, CW4 7EF

                   variation of condition 3 (materials) on approval 16/5569C - single storey side. . . 


17/0322C  8 Lingmell Gardens, CW4 7LH

                 Proposed single storey rear extension. Replacement pitched roof to ........


16/6122C  Land off Newcastle Road, Brereton Green. 

                  Application to build 29 dwellings..................


17/0287C  69 Rees Crescent, CW4 7NL

                  Ground and first floor front extension to dwelling


17/0261C  1 Lockerbie Close, CW4 7HQ

                   Single storey front extension


16/6197C Happy Days Club/Nursery, Jubilee walk, CW4 7FN

                 Removal of condition 1 and variation of condition 3 on ...........


17/0018C  Unit 9 Holmes Chapel Business park, Manor Lane. CW4 8AB

                  Change of use from B1, B2 and B8 permitted use premises to laser clinic . . . 


16/3514C Land to East of Manor Lane

                  Notification of appeal to this application - to be heard on 13 January 2017


16/5842C 51, Sandiford Road, CW4 7BL

                  Single storey extension and associated alterations


16/5976C 12, Balmoral Drive, CW4 7HY

                  Proposed side facing single storey extension to form garage . . . 


16/5820C  Holmes Chapel Community Centre, Station Road, CW4 8AA

                  Proposed skatepark in the grounds of existing community centre


16/5741C  86 Chester Road, CW4 7DR

                   Demolition of existing detached garage, existing conservatory and side kitchen . . . . .


16/5696C  Co-op, Middlewich Road, CW4 7ES

                   Advertisement onsent for 1no. internally illuminatesd logo sign, 6no wall mounted . . . . . . 


16/5438D  Land at Manor Lane 

                 Discharge of conditions 12, 23, 25 & 26 on approved application 15/3673C


16/5498C  4 Church Walk, CW4 7AZ

                  Change of use to dog grooming salon from estate agents


16/5569C  2 Northway, CW4 7EF

                  Single storey side and rear extension to dwelling


16/5571C  46A Macclesfield Road, CW4 7NQ

                  Extension to existing dwelling to create annexe.


16/5504C  69 Middlewich Road, CW4 7ER

                  Proposed single storey rear extension


16/5457C  6 Manley Close, CW4 7HL

                  Single storey extension to rear of dwelling


16/4008C  The Coach House, Manor Lane, CW4 8AB

                   Garage Conversion


16/5271C  Saltersford hall farm, Macclesfield Road, CW4 8AL

                  Demolition of barn and construction of new dwelling


16/5249C  Aldi Foodstore, Manor Lane, CW4 8AB

                  Advertisement Sheet Poster Sign and tower totem


16/5202C  Dane Bank Bungalow, Knutsford Road, CW4 7DE

                  Development of 3 dwellings (dormer bungalows) new access and landscaping


16/4724W  Rudheath Lodge, Cranage

                  Sand extraction at Rudheath Lodge, Cranage.


16/4721C   22-24 London Road, CW4 7AL

                   Proposed Change of use from former Natwest Bank A2 use into "The Bottle Bank" use class A4..


16/4720C   24 Chester Road  CW4 7DP

                   Two storey rear extension to accomodate lift shaft and wet room


16/4705C   25 Chester Road, CW4 7DJ

                   Demolition of part of building to front and rear; two and one storey extension to the rear..........


16/3724C   Victoria Mills, Macclesfield Road, CW4 7PA

                   Reserved matters on Application 08/0492/OUT for access appearance, landscaping, layout etc


16/3514C  Land to the east of Manor Lane, 

                 Outline Permission for new residential development to create up to 114 houses


16/3208C  45 Middlewich Road  CW4 7EH

                  Construction of two dwellings to the rear of 45 Middlewich Road