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Great Opportunity to Promote Your Community Group!

Tesco have kindly agreed that the community can use a window of their shop in Holmes Chapel. The windows and doorway on London Road which was the original entrance to the Coop store is no longer accessible from the Tesco store and the Parish Council have negotiated that it can be used by community groups.

We will have three or six display boards measuring 60 x 85cm which can be used to promote your activities. You will have this space for two weeks so it will be a great showcase in the middle of the village. You can advertise for new members, promote an event you are holding or illustrate the activities you encourage.

So, whether you are one of the many social groups in the village, a local charity or sports club this is a chance to tell the village what you do and when you meet.

All you need to do is put together an interesting and professional looking display using text and photographs. We will supply the display boards and arrange with you the time for installation. Full details can be found in guidance notes available from the Parish Office. You can also add a few props if it will help to describe your activities. Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to book a slot by emailing, calling 01477 533 934 or popping into the office on 1 Church Walk (opening hours generally Tuesday - Friday 9am - 12pm).

At the moment we have agreed a 12 month trial period with Tescos but if it is popular and works well it could be extended.

A big thank you to Cllr John Clowes who liaised with the manager of Tescos to make this opportunity a reality!

Please take advantage of this Publicity Opportunity!


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