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Tour of Britain 2021 coming through Holmes Chapel!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We are delighted that the Tour of Britain will be coming through Holmes Chapel on 9th September!

It last came through in 2016, and the residents of Holmes Chapel gave them such a warm and supportive welcome.

This year, the Peloton is likely to be coming through the village at 12pm on 9th September. Why not come out onto the streets and support them as they journey through!

The cyclists will set off from Alderley Park at 11.30 and journey down the A34 before turning off and heading passed Jodrell Bank and into Holmes Chapel. From Holmes Chapel they will continue their journey down the A50 into Astbury, off into the hills around Macclesfield before finishing in Warrington.

The best places to watch the race in Holmes Chapel are along the A535 (Macclesfield Road) and down London Road (A50).

Key points to note about the event:

  1. There will be a rolling road closure so expect some delays.

  2. An advance vehicle will be 15 minutes ahead of the race, so this will give you an indication of when to expect the riders.

  3. Remember the riders are travelling at very fast speeds! Please keep children back from the edge of the road and animals on a lead. Please face the riders at all times, and don't be tempted to turn your back on them for selfies.

  4. The race will be shown live on ITV4.

For more information about the Tour of Britain, please go to:

For a list of who will be riding, please go to:

We hope to see you there cheering on the Peloton!

Some photos from the 2016 Tour of Britain (photo credits Mr V Sumpter & Mr S Mckay)


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