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Dane River Hydro Power

The energy of the River Dane has recently been harnessed with the private installation of a Hydro-generation Plant, by the weir at the Westward side of the village.  The Hydro Plant , also known as an Archimedean Screw, has been operational since 2015.  

The river water is diverted into an 8 metre long threaded screw, which is turned by the current of water. This rotational energy is used to drive an electrical generator connected to the main shaft of the screw,  housed inside a control booth, which also contains diagnostic and monitoring equipment.

The  plant generates up to 92KWhr, or 500MWatts/year, all of   which is fed into the National Grid. (This is enough to supply power for 140 houses!)  The installation includes a fish pass (E) (which also acts as flood drainage) as well as an eel path.  After successful re-instatement of the surrounding site, flora and fauna are subsequently thriving. 

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