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Lengthsman Activities:

The Parish Council have in recent years year, set aside an amount in the annual budget to facilitate the services of a handyman in the village.  


This is used for tasks such as path clearing, weeding and tidying, street sign refurbishment and installing new signs.

Comments and complaints received from residents of Holmes Chapel, either via e.mail or by calling into the office, are acting on within the list of jobs, along with larger jobs approved by the Parish Council, such as public bench refurbishment.

Skate Park

Investing in the Community


The Parish Council is committed to planting trees in the village. We have had a planting scheme since 2020, whereby we plant 10 new trees per year providing we can obtain the relevant permission from Cheshire East Council. Since early March 2020 we have palnted planted over 30 new trees around Holmes Chapel, including 4 at the Community Centre. They are of various types including Ornamental Pear, Ornamental Cherry and Hawthorn.



The Parish Council owns and is responsible for maintaining all the benches in the village, apart from the ones on the precinct. We have 34 benches across the village, and a plan of locations for new benches. 8 of these benches are in memoriam and residents are welcome to purchase a bench to remember loved ones or commemorate a significant event. A copy of our Commemorative Policy can be accessed by clicking here.

Play Areas

In addition to the play areas which are part of the newer estates in the village, Holmes Chapel has three play areas situated on Elm Drive, Middlewich Road and off Strathmore Close. The Parish Council originally purchased all the equipment; however, Cheshire East Council have since adopted these play areas and are now responsible for their ongoing maintenance. 


Skate Park

It had for many years been the wish of the Parish Council to provide a facility for the youth of the village, which at last came to fruition in the Spring of 2017.  The Skate park, sited at the Community Centre, was a project funded by generous grants from the Veolia Environmental Trust and the Community Safety Fund, with contributions from the Parish Council, the Holmes Chapel Partnership and the Methodist Church, and monies raised by the young people in the Skatepark Working Group.

The skate park was officially opened by PCSO Jill Cope May 2017 along with the Holmes Chapel Partnership, the Parish Council and the younger members of the community who were involved in the design of the Skatepark.  Jill, who championed the skatepark along with the Parish Council and the Partnership, sadly passed away later that year.  Her memorial bench is sited by the skatepark.

The Skatepark is free to use, and is open during the normal opening hours of the Community Centre during daylight hours.

SIDs and Data

Speeding in Holmes Chapel has increasingly become a concern throughout the Village in recent years.  In 2010 the Parish Council formed a Traffic Task Group to consider long term traffic and speeding problems in the village. In 2011 there was public concern at both the speed of traffic and the number of HGV's through Holmes Chapel and a public meeting was held in July 2011 attended by Fiona Bruce MP, members of Cheshire East Council, the Parish Council and about 50 members of public.  This resulted in a traffic questionnaire (prepared by Cheshire East Council Highways Department), delivered to every household in the village. 364 replies were received and the results analysed. 

As a result of this, the Parish Council took the step of purchasing and installing permanent SIDs (Speed Indicating Devices) in the village, in late 2013. We now own 6 SIDs and twelve posts. The SIDs are rotated around different points in the village, collecting data from each, and targeting areas that are reported as troublesome. 

After 9 years, we now have a significant amount of data that can be used to influence further speed control measures being taken.

The data from recent years can be viewed below.  For older data, please contact the Parish Office for this information.  Also, daily data reports for each of the reports provided are available on request.

SIDs and Data

SIDs Data Reports

HGV Re-Routing


Over the last few years, traffic in the village has reached levels of both inconvenience and danger for the users of the village centre. As there is every reason to believe traffic levels will increase in the future, the Parish Council believe action must be taken to preserve the character of the village. We explored in depth a number of options; removing heavy vehicles from the village centre, pedestrianising the village centre or only allowing one way traffic through the centre.

We were delighted when, in February 2016, after much public consultation, the order was passed to eliminate heavy goods vehicles from the village centre, providing a safer and cleaner environment for pedestrians. The HGV restriction applies to London Road in both directions, extending from the roundabout at Knutsford Road to the traffic lights at Chester Road. Enforcement of this continues to be an issue, but the installation of the new signage in September 2016 has helped a little.

The restriction also applies to Macclesfield Road -one-way only - where the road is very narrow.  This forbids HGV's from entering the village along the Macclesfield Road, re-routing them instead along Manor Lane, Station Road and Chester Road. New signage on this route is also aiding enforcement of the scheme.

This new re-routing scheme is the result of a long effort by the Parish Council - starting with the creation of a task force in 2010, a public meeting in 2011; which was followed up with a traffic questionnaire (prepared by Cheshire East Council Highways Department), delivered to every household in the village. (364 replies were received and the results were analysed). Working together, the Parish Council and Cheshire East Council considered the responses, formulated an approach to tackle the issues, which resulted, after further public consultation and 4 years later, in the HGV re-routing scheme we have today.



(The Square, Holmes Chapel) (Prohibition of Heavy Commercial Vehicles over 7.5 Tonnes) (Except for Access) Order 2016

Notice is hereby given that on 4th February 2016 the Cheshire East Borough Council (the “Council”) made an Order under Sections 1, 2 and 4 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, (hereinafter referred to as “the 1984 Act”) and all other enabling powers and after consultation with the Chief Officer of Police in accordance with PartIII of Schedule 9 to the 1984 Act and in accordance with its duty under s122 of the1984 Act.

1.         The effect of the Order, which will come into operation on 12th February 2016, is to continue in force indefinitely the provisions of the Cheshire East Borough Council (The Square, Holmes Chapel) (Weight Restriction) (Experimental) Order 2014’ which will prohibit heavy commercial vehicles (those goods vehicles with an operating weight in excess of 7.5T) from proceeding, except for access, along the lengths of road specified in the Schedule to this Notice.

 2.      A copy of the Order; a plan of the roads affected, a statement of reasons for making the Order, a copy of this public notice, a copy of the public notice of making the experimental order and a copy of the experimental order may be examined during the usual office hours at the Cheshire East Borough Council Offices, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ.          

 3.     Any person who desires to question the validity of the Order or any of its provisions on the grounds that it or they are not within the powers conferred by the Act, or that any requirement of the Act or any instrument made under the Act has not been complied with, that person may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the Order is made, apply for the purpose to the High Court.



Prohibition of heavy commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes except for access

  • A50 London Road from its junction with A535 Macclesfield Road to its junction with the A54 Chester Road and

  • A535 Macclesfield Road Westbound only from its junction with Manor Lane to its junction with London Road

What We Do

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