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Let's Reclaim our Pavements

One of the priorities of the Parish Council for the next 4 years is to ensure the pavements around the village are safe and easy for pedestrians to use.


We receive many complaints from residents about footpaths and accessibility, with overgrown hedges being a major culprit.


What does this mean in practise?

We are surveying footpaths throughout the village and noting down the following:

1.    Overgrown hedges which are reducing the footpath width.

2.    Weeds/Grass invading the footpath.

3.    Streetlights obscured by vegetation.

4.    Issues that might affect disabled users getting around the village.

Where we come across problems, we will be writing to the owners responsible and asking them to work with us to deal with the issue. Often this will be the house owner but could sometimes be Cheshire East Council or other bodies.

What can you do to help?

1.    If you have a hedge on your boundary bordering a footpath, please make sure that it is cut back to your boundary every year to prevent problems for pedestrians.

2.    Report overgrown hedges, weed intrusion, light issues or problems for disabled users to the Parish Council. You can do this by emailing the Clerk with the location and problem: (a photograph would also be useful)

What can’t we do!

1.    We cannot resurface pavements – that is Cheshire East Council’s responsibility. However, if there are specific obstacles for people using wheelchairs or pushchairs such as an absence of a dropped kerb then please let us know and we can raise it with Cheshire East Council.

2.    We cannot provide resources to trim your hedge.


This is a long-term project. It won’t happen overnight, but our hope is that we can all work together to ‘Reclaim our Pavements’ and improve the safety of pedestrians using them.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!

We want to see this........

Not this.....

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