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Member of Holmes Chapel Parish Council

Chris Jones
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Chris Jones

I moved to the village with my family just over 2 years ago. We looked at many villages across Cheshire but instantly fell in love with Holmes Chapel. We’ve had a lovely welcome to the village and are excited for our future here.

I have three children, two who attend Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School and one who attends Holmes Chapel Primary. I work as an electronics design engineer for a company who manufacture medical and lab equipment. My wife works as a Midwife in the NHS. In my spare time I enjoy playing football and gardening. My family also regularly help with the Sunday morning village volunteers.

I first interacted with the Parish Council after we were finding our walking route to the primary school unsafe, due to the speed of some traffic on London Road and the lack of crossing control at the London Road and Chester Road junction. I was happy to discover that the council were already being pro-active with these issues and were keen for residents to be involved. Subsequently I joined the village infrastructure committee as a member of the public.

Now, as a Parish Councillor I am looking forward to helping make further improvements to modernise the village infrastructure whilst maintaining the traditional village feel that we all love.

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