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Go Wild For Wildflowers

Since 1960, Cheshire has lost 99% of its wildflower meadows and the Cheshire Wildlife Trust need everyone’s help to create more space for them. One of the best places for wildflowers are our road verges so it’s important to know what condition they are in. To help them find out more, a road verge citizen science project has been launched.

It’s simple – take a photograph of a road verge around Cheshire and send it in to them along with its location. Our experts will use your photos to help us identify suitable verges to plant wildflowers and protect those which are vital for wildlife.

Send your photos to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust here.

You can see their road verge map and how your photo is contributing to the work here.

You can find out more information about the Go Wild for Wildflowers campaign on their website here and read The Wildlife Trust report ‘Reversing the Decline of Insects here.

The Cheshire Wildlife Trust has the ambitious aim of getting 1 in 4 people engaged in nature across Cheshire by 2030. It is hoped that you and your wider community may wish to get involved and help to spread the word to help bring our communities closer to nature.


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