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Memorial Tree Ceremony for Les Gilbert

On 13th October, we gathered by the Sensory Garden to honour our late Ward Councillor Les Gilbert and his steadfast commitment to the village of Holmes Chapel and surrounding areas.

In his memory, Les's family purchased an Amelanchier tree to enhance the Sensory Garden and provide a lasting legacy right in the Village Centre. This tree is often known as a 'June Berry' and are popular for their star-shaped spring flowers. Today a plaque was installed by the tree in honour of Les.

The Chairman of the Parish Council Cllr Jackson talked about Les's love of the village and his hard work through his time as a Parish Councillor and Ward Councillor for Cheshire East. He talked about Les's commitment to improving the village and surrounding areas. He was a dedicated public servant and very supportive of the Parish Council in addition to being a lovely person to work alongside.

Ward Councillor Andrew Kolker shared his experience of working with Les at Cheshire East Council. He described how they began their Cheshire East journey together and how well they worked as a team, supporting one another to do the best they could for the Dane Valley Ward.

Councillor John Clowes, who led the Village Volunteers, spoke of Les's care and involvement on a practical level as he worked with the Volunteers to keep Holmes Chapel looking at it's best, including the Sensory Garden.

The ceremony concluded with the Cllr Jackson installing the plaque alongside Les's partner.

It was a privilege to see so many people come and support this ceremony and a joy to have had the honour to have worked alongside such dedicated, kind, gentle and committed public servant. We will miss Les greatly and hope this memorial tree will be a lasting legacy in the village.


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