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Pathway Improvements at the Elm Drive Play Area

Updated: Feb 6

The Parish Council is pleased to be funding some improvements to the Elm Drive Play Area.

We recognise that in wet weather the Elm Drive Play area becomes very muddy and therefore difficult to access. We have funded the addition of pathways to the play equipment as a way to improve this situation and make the play area more accessible.

Due to the very wet weather in the lead up to Christmas there was a delay in these works, but they have now begun. The work may take some time, and be in stages due to weather conditions, but we hope the wait will be worth it for all users of the park and a significant improvement to the area.

Improvements to the grass matting and applying of soil/seed will wait until there is better weather and ground conditions for the desired effect. The team will return to site to complete this after the path works.

Some photos of the work to date:

Work is progressing well:


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