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Persimmon Pathway Consultation Results


In the initial planning application Persimmon submitted before building the Cottons estate off Middlewich Road, they indicated a potential pathway from the end of Dane Meadow Place towards Ravenscroft. Since completion of the estate the only option is for a path down the lane and into Ravenscroft, by no. 79 Ravenscroft.

This path would allow pedestrians to walk safely into Holmes Chapel village centre or to the Dane Meadow country park without crossing or having to walk along the busy Middlewich Road. This pathway however, has not materialised and we have been working hard to encourage Persimmon to look at building this pathway. Much time and resource has been put into contacting Persimmon, but there has been little progress. In September 2018 a press release was written about the situation but never released.

During the Part II section of the Amenities Committee meeting on 4th April 2019, the Committee discussed the pathway and resolved to adapt and release a press release about the Parish Council’s attempts to persuade Persimmon to implement the pathway. In response to this resolution, the press release was duly updated and ready to be released .

Over the Easter weekend of 2019 there was debate on a closed Facebook page for the Cottons estates about this pathway. As a result, the office received comments from residents concerned about the pathway and a petition was established against the pathway. This raised concerns about releasing the press release as it currently stands and therefore the Clerk advised a questionnaire to be carried out for residents of Cottons and Ravenscroft to assess whether this was something residents wish to Parish Council to lobby Persimmon for.

The survey was distributed to every house on the estate and also made available via SurveyMonkey. It was advertised through the Holmes Chapel Parish Council website and Facebook page.

Residents were asked the following questions:

1. Are you satisfied with the walking/cycling arrangements to reach the rest of the village using the new pedestrian crossing on Middlewich Road?

2. Do you want the Parish Council to continue to lobby Persimmon to implement a pathway shown on the plan?

3. Where do you live?

4. Would you make use of the pathway shown on the plan?

And the opportunity to provide further comments.

Survey results:

We receive 123 responses:

62 (50%) Cottons Estate

46 (37%) Ravenscroft Estate

15 (12%) from Elsewhere

1. Are you satisfied with the walking/cycling arrangements to reach the rest of the village using the new pedestrian crossing on Middlewich Road?

Yes 61 (50%)

No 56 (46%)

Not Sure 6 (5%)

This question has been further broken down by estate:


Yes 21 (34%)

No 40 (65%)

Not Sure 1 (2%)


Yes 38 (83%)

No 5 (11%)

Not Sure 3 (7%)


Yes 2 (13%)

No 11 (73%)

Not Sure 2 (13%)

2. Do you want the Parish Council to continue to lobby Persimmon to implement a pathway shown on the plan?

Yes 68 (55%)

No 51 (41%)

Not Sure 4 (3%)

This question has been further broken down by estate:


Yes 45 (73%)

No 16 (26%)

Not Sure 1 (2%)


Yes 8 (17%)

No 35 (76%)

Not Sure 3 (7%)


Yes 15 (100%)

3. Would you make use of the pathway shown on the plan?

Yes 63 (51%)

No 55 (45%)

Not Sure 5 (4%)

Broken down by estate:


Yes 45 (73%)

No 16 (26%)

Not Sure 1 (2%)


Yes 5 (11%)

No 38 (83%)

Not Sure 3 (7%)


Yes 13 (87%)

No 1 (7%)

Not Sure 1 (7%)

If yes, how would you use the pathway

Walk 44 (65%)

Cycle 0%

Walk & Cycle 24 (35%)


The following are a selection of comments that continue to reflect the diverse response to the issue over the pathway

"The footpath has to be done and the crossing to be better. Persimmon will not agree to footpath however. This will unfortunately not be resolved as persimmon have left residents totally unsatisfied with their homes as it is. Meanwhile it's a dangerous walk to school / playgroup."

"I feel that this proposed pathway is not needed as most of the estate will have to walk quite far around to make use of it. If there was a small walkway at the Toucan crossing on Middlewich road then this would provide an easier route into the village that would provide the safety and at much less of a cost."

"When we purchased our plot- yet to move in- it was sold to us as a selling point. Our children could walk through to Ravenscroft, down that estate and cross in s safer place for the secondary school. We could walk through to escort our younger child to the primary school. We could also access the village and Dane Meadow more easily. This was checked by solicitors and was in the planning application."

"The principle of safe passage is a valid concept. But who pays for the proposed works i.e. persimmon/the new site residents and less valid public money. What about a charity appeal or similar funding? Further is it wise to breach an"impenetrable hedgerow" allowing additional access to non residents. Criminal outsider element."

"As the pathway was proposed in the initial planning application, and was passed by the Planning Committee, it should be implemented."

"Easier access will encourage more (mainly youthful) traffic and spoil the peace & quiet we came here for. There are so many places for youngsters. Please leave this little residential area alone."

"The proposed link would much better integrate the Cottons Estate into the rest of Holmes Chapel, rather than make its residents have to use a very busy road to get to the village or Dane Meadow. I personally believe the new pedestrian crossing is an accident waiting to happen with the speed cars go from the motorway into the village - a new footpath into Ravenscroft would give Cotton's resident better peace of mind when walking young children or pets/animals."

"Ravenscroft is a quiet part of the Seddon Estate. At present the only people that need to access Ravenscroft are residents, visitors etc. If a footpath/walkway is made this will connect the Cottons estate and Ravenscroft together. There will be a lot more footfall through Ravenscroft creating many disadvantages. Let’s keep the two estates separate."

"This would be a very welcome addition to the cottons estate where most of the houses have school age children who currently have to walk along a very busy Middlewich Road where there are no barriers between the pavement and road (to provide some protection). The passage would encourage less traffic to the village - as it would encourage more children from this side of the village to walk to school."

"Do not wish for this to go ahead could cause a number of problems to residents .litter dog excrement and feeling vulnerable also car issues due to it being very narrow."

"a) because they promised to make one b) so that families can make best use of dane meadow without going near the traffic. I would use it at least twice a day with the dog & more in school holidays."

"Strongly object to the removal of trees, what's wrong with the path everyone else uses along Middlewich Road, the entrance to the path off The Cottons means residents will need to walk to the back of their Estate I.e. a loop🙄"

"I fully understand the worries of residents, but if they are worried by the potential for it being a short cut, then the pathway will be "created" by people cutting through the bushes at the end of Ravenscroft, regardless. So it would be better and cause less aggravation if it was official. If it is for genuine walkers, then no-one will mind crossing over a stile either side of the gravel road."

"Safety issues regarding residents no privacy children vulnerable. Don't want this to go ahead. My drive will be attached to the path and I feel that this is very dangerous as my drive is very difficult to get out already."

"It was in the original plans and Persimmon should make sure the pathway is created. The pathway into Ravenscroft will also help me walk my dog safely. Walking down Middlewich Road can be quite scary for the dog and this would open up a nice route into the Ravenscroft estate and down to the River Dane walkway."

"Wouldn't be user friendly. Out of public view and therefore potentially dangerous to vulnerable users. Damage to fauna and trees of proposal and privacy compromised for adjacent properties."

"They should honour their commitment. Too often, developers make promises they don’t keep. Holding them accountable sends a message to them and others, as well as improving facilities in the village."

"There would be absolutely no benefit to any residents of Ravenscroft, in fact more likely the opposite. Litter, dog mess, noise are more likely outcomes. There was much resistance to this development which was ignored. There was much disruption and expenditure to implement a formal crossing on Middlewich Road. Persimmons have not yet completed their obligations of tree planting along the soft boundary to Ravenscroft, until they have done this I do not see that they should be requested to create more imposing steps towards the residents of Ravenscroft."

"Coming out of the Cottons Estate walking the pavements are very narrow and trucks go past at speed, with the wind they create it can be quite unsettling for a 49 year old man, never mind the children and mums walking with children and pushing prams. It is very dangerous. A double buggy is almost impossible to push down the road the pavements are that narrow. Before long there will be an incident of some catastrophic proportions. It is also dangerous for dogs to walk along the pavement for the same reasons. They get very frightened and could if not controlled 100% run in to the road."

"I have issues with the amount of foot fall increasing and the security of the little ones playing at present I live next door to the proposed footpath I took my flat on Dane meadow place because it was a cul de sac and wasn’t made aware that there was to be a footpath."

More comments and details of all responses can be requested from the Clerk.

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