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Weekend Closures at J19 M6

Highways England have closures in place this weekend. The M6 junction 19 roundabout will be closed so there will be no access to or from the motorway at this junction. We therefore expect some traffic to travel south on the A50 to join the M6 motorway at junction 18 instead.

All traffic on the M6 will be able to continue north and southbound as usual and so no traffic will be pushed off the network to use a local diversion route. We’re closing the M56 junction 7 exit slip road to keep vehicles travelling from Manchester on the strategic network. The official diversion route will be along to junction 9 of the M56 to join the M6 south. Some local traffic will need to make its way to the motorway using junction 18, instead of junction 19, and so we expect some increase in traffic along the A50.

Closures are in place as follows:

  • ound9pm, Friday 4 June – 6am, Monday 7 June

  • 9pm, Friday 11 June – 6am, Monday 14 June

Th Email: Website:

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