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Bluedot 2022

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Community Engagement and charity donations

From the Bluedot Team:

"We are keen to involve the community as much as possible and will be sharing information as we get closer to the festival on volunteering and work experience opportunities. I am also interested in speaking to any local organisations who would like to get involved too.

As part of our community engagement we have a fund each year that we are able to use to support local charities, and are pleased to have donated a total of £17,300 so far. This year we would like to open this out to allow any local charities the opportunity to nominate themselves to be considered for this fund. We would like to open it up to any registered charity within a 5 mile radius of Jodrell Bank and then allow our residents to vote on the two that they would like to receive the donations. This would allow some charities who have not been considered before to have an opportunity to be involved and also would engage our residents in the process. We would like to start the process of charity nominations from 10th March-31st March and the community vote would launch early April. This will all be communicated via our residents website and subscriber newsletter updates (which you can sign up to here"


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