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We have been asked to share the following message from Communicare, a Voluntary Caring Group working in co-operation with the Health Centre to provide, for those in need in our local community, a transport service for medical reasons, a befriending / visiting service and a weekly service for visiting the village for a social coffee morning.

"As has been the case for everyone, this last year for Holmes Chapel & Area Christian Communicare has not been a normal one. The service was suspended, because of Covid, until further notice, in March, and it is clear that it will be many months before any sort of resumption of our service can be judged to be safe for both drivers and passengers.

Amongst other things it has given us all time to reflect on the operation of Communicare, and how it will almost certainly have to change its format for the future. As the service moves into its 40th year, it has made the Officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretaries) realise that we feel that it is now the ideal opportunity to hand over the reins of the organisation to younger volunteers, who will be able to take it forward with new ideas and new ways of working, to match the new situation, whatever that might be. Most of our organisers and drivers are in their 70s or 80s and obviously cannot go on for ever.

It will be many months before there is any restart and so, as from the end of July, the Officers will give up their active role, but will remain points of contact and available to give guidance and to pass on all necessary information to our replacements. A number of our monthly organisers have also decided that now is the time for them to give up their responsibilities, and they also will need to be replaced.

Over the coming months we will be hoping to hear from those who would be prepared to take on the various roles of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Coordinators ready to lead what may well be a very different form of service in the future. It is also hoped that some of the younger volunteers, who have come forward to assist the community during the virus lockdown, will feel that they can continue that contribution by becoming involved with our services. It really is time for the baton to be passed to the next generation, and we would appreciate the help of the Parish Council in getting this message out."

If you feel you can help, please contact Anita & Dennis Eborall 01477 532407 or


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