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Cheshire COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Briefing

Phase 1 - Progress to date

Since Mona Thomas, 92, became the first person to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in Cheshire on December 8th 2020, Cheshire’s vaccination services have successfully vaccinated hundreds of thousands of residents.

NHS staff continue to work incredibly hard to deliver the largest vaccination drive in our history, at the same time as providing routine and emergency care for everyone who needs it.

Everyone in the top nine priority groups is now eligible to book their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination – this means everyone aged 50+, all frontline health and care workers, unpaid carers and anyone aged 16-64 with an underlying health condition which places them at higher risk.

To maximise uptake, the National Booking Service has recently introduced a text message service for COVID-19 vaccination invitations, sending messages to eligible people – including those from earlier groups who have not yet had a vaccination recorded.

Our focus remains on ensuring that everyone who is eligible is offered a first vaccine, and that those who are due a second vaccine receive it within 12 weeks of their first dose.

Despite recent media coverage outlining a national supply issue, Cheshire remains on track to meet the national commitment in Phase 1 of offering a vaccine to everyone aged 50+ by April 15th 2021.

More information about Cheshire's COVID-19 Vaccination Programme is available at

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