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Cheshire East Local Transport Consultation

Cheshire East currently has two consultations underway:

1. Parking

This survey aims to review:

  • role of parking in accessing town centres (current and future);

  • the level of parking charges in Cheshire East and scope for harmonisation;

  • on-street parking restrictions; and

  • improving parking services.

This survey seeks feedback on the future role of parking, and on how the council can harmonise and improve parking services over the next five years.

This survey closes at 23:59 on Sunday 31 January 2021

2. Local Transport Delivery Plans

The Local Transport Delivery Plans will identify where the Council should prioritise investment and seek funding for transport initiatives, with the overall aim of improving:

  • accessibility for all – considering all travel needs;

  • sustainability – improving walking, cycling and public transport;

  • quality of the public realm – managing traffic to support town centres and the visitor economy;

  • better neighbourhoods – improving amenity where people live; and

  • connectivity – the strategic links needs to access work, education and essential services, such as hospitals.

These plans focus on how the issues and opportunities identified in the Boroughwide Local Transport Plan Strategy relate to specific areas, setting out a range of options that could be delivered to improve the transport network and support the recovery of individual town centres in Cheshire East.

Please note that you need to look under Middlewich for information about Holmes Chapel.

This survey closes at 23:59 on Sunday 31 January 2021

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