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Christmas Lights Consultation Results


At a meeting of Full Council on 12th December 2019, resolved to undertake a consultation to establish the views of the community about the appearance of the Christmas Lights, with a report to be brought back to a future meeting of the VI Committee. A survey was created that ran from 20th December 2019 until 10th January 2020. There was an online survey, and paper copies were left in the library and at the Community Centre.


6 x paper copies

263 x online copies

Total responses 269

1. Do you think the Christmas lights display are appropriate for the village of Holmes Chapel?

Yes 236 (87.73%)

No 33 (12.27%)

Answered 269

If no, why not?

· Not enough. Knutsford put us to shame.

· They’re nice but a bit sedate!! Appreciate the price increases the more elaborate the lights though!!

· Not good enough for such a lovely Village.

· Not sufficient for a village of this size, especially given the speed of growth Lights should be a 'feature' of the village at Christmas, not just a few faded coloured bulbs strung round the precinct The lights should be something the village looks forward to each year as a sign of Christmas approaching, not just a feeble attempt as a couple of minor decorations There should be more variety in the type of lights - lamp-post lights, lights that fade in and out in patterns mixed with lights which stay on, perhaps even a personalised 'Merry Christmas, Holmes Chapel' strung across over the road between the Church and the shops.

· They are very old fashioned and not very classy.

· Coloured lights through the village are very nice, but the Christmas tree and lights are a little uninspiring and could be improved.

· More around the Christmas tree and Church Walk.

· But could have more.

· Too limited and very old fashioned.

· £6000 is a scandalous amount. They used to be put up for free.

· One string of lights for the whole of the village is a joke. You go to any other town or village & they have lovely decorations & lights on lampposts, twinkly lights hanging from trees & little Xmas trees everywhere. I don’t believe that 1 poxy row of lights that have been there for years costs £6000. The lights in HC are an embarrassing joke.

· Could do with more.

· Feel upgradable now village expanding.

· It is no longer environmentally acceptable to have Christmas lights. As a society we use far too much electricity unnecessarily without any consideration of the environmental impact.

· It doesn't look like Christmas. Alsager lights are a lot better.

· Not very substantial.

· Instead of just lights around buildings it would be nice to see column or wall mounted designs.

· It's the poorest set of lights in Cheshire, they don't attract anyone to the village, and while appreciating the cost this year's tree is almost a bonsai.

· The look old and tacky.

· Could we maybe do what Crewe and other towns do where they also put light on the street posts.

· Yes, they look nice but not a patch compared to Middlewich, they have a lovely display of lights on the lamp posts etc.

· I do miss the lights around the church tower.

· The large bulb Coloured lights look rather old fashioned.

· They are too ordinary, not spectacular, magical ...

· Not enough.

· They are a bit boring and could include stars or bells hung between the buildings.

· We need lights like the ones in Middlewich and Sandbach.

· They are extremely poor and sparse same lights every year.

· They are disappointing, old fashioned and are not likely to attract anyone into the village nor cheer up those of us who live here.

· They’re nice but could be better. Just take a look at Middlewich for an example of some “better” lights.

· I don’t like the colour.

· I personally feel like the lights look very dated and old fashioned. The lights in Knutsford are really simple and yellow and look beautiful. I don’t think the lights show off the village.

· Think they look slightly dated with the colour and it would look nice if they went across the road.

· The lights look very tacky and not in keeping with how beautiful the village looks, they don’t show it off!

· I feel that the coloured lights look tacky and dated and could do with being more tasteful to enhance our pretty village.

What are your suggestions for improving the Christmas lights? (tick all that apply)

Further extensions around the Village: 165 (65.48%)

Lamppost decorations: 165 (65.47%)

Change of light colour: 55 (21.83%)

Answered 252

Skipped 17

Please indicate whether you (are a) (tick all that apply)

Resident 246 (91.50%)

Business Owner 11 (4.09%)

Work in the Village 18 (6.69%)

Visit the Village 21 (7.81%)

Answered 269

Any other comments

· The Christmas Tree in the village this year was very small. I can remember them being larger in previous years. It would be better not to have one. It is clearly a recession tree.

· I love what we have already. It’s so colourful and sweet and festive.

· It would be lovely to extend the display, particularly around the church and oldest buildings

more lights.

· Perhaps a bigger more impressive Christmas Tree

· Keep the lights understated - that’s what makes them look so nice.

· Think the lights are lovely, appreciate them every year.

· Some shops could be a bit more festive.

· The survey is poorly constructed - a question is needed about cost, predicted future cost, and who should be bearing this cost e.g. local businesses. There should also be thought given to how to make the lights and energy usage as eco efficient as possible.

· I think the style of Xmas lights are just right and suit the traditional village ethos.

· Always enjoy the decorations.

· I think the consistency is lovely and all the lights being the same is perfect. How much would shops spend on Christmas lights, do the make a contribution too?

· They look amazing- thank you for your hard work.

· Thank you for all your hard work.

· Appreciate the lights to make the village look festive 😁

· I think the lights in the village are ideal the way they are. I would not like to see lights added to lamp posts. I would only say to extend areas covered by lights and possibly make them white to match the church tree that is decorated at Christmas.

· Love the Christmas Lights.

· I love how the centre of the village is all lit for Christmas! An extension to spread the cheer further would be lovely!

· Thank you to the organisers, the village looked lovely.

· Leave as is.

· The decorations are beautiful and I really appreciate the work that goes into the organisation.

· I think the lights are appropriate as they are. Financial and environmental impact should be considered if the decision is made to expand.

· We like it as it is.

· Highlights the village centre and makes it festive and vibrant through the dark month of December

· Why not turn the lights on the evening the Christmas market is on? They seem to just turn up, unless I've missed an event.

· Appreciate the effort made to provide them.

· Really liked the lights in the tree in the church yard rather than wrapped around the church tower. Lighting in trees is particularly effective, single colour LED. There are plenty of trees in the village that could accommodate these. Encouraging other businesses and authorities e.g. Fire station to also use the same type, colour of lighting to decorate their premises would make the village look so well coordinated rather than piece meal decorations, and would be a good project to get everyone in the village working together with a common goal. (I know that there is a lot of this type of cooperation already going on so it would be building on this).

· The light switch on should be marked with an event either the night before the village fair or the Friday this will save on one weeks electric costs as they were switched on in November and Dane Sound would be happy to host a simple event with a guest to switch on the lights a lot of residents commented to me this year that it was sad they were just “switched on”.

· I love the coloured lights we have at the moment and look forward to them going up.

· Keep up the good work on the decorations. Is there any way of involving volunteers and making the decorating of the village a more community event?

· I like the lights as they are. Please don't turn the village into a gaudy lightshow.

· Think coloured strings of lights look lovely and not ott for the village. Just be nice to see them extended - maybe in different directions each year.

· Fine as they are. Anything more may not be in character.

· Take a look at Alderley Edge and Knutsford. LOTS AND LOTS of twinkly lights.

· Well done so far. Good that you are think g how you might improve things. Thanks for all your hard work.

· Please invest in a better Christmas tree - the village has more people in and it is no longer a small village which suits a small tree.

· Tree has reduced in size considerably. I used to love our much bigger tree. Otherwise driving up the hill from Cranage is always a heart-warming site. Thank you to all who organise it.

· Make them more elegant and more of them to create impact.

· I think the lights as they are fine but would like to see the Christmas tree improved.

· They look beautiful, very tasteful and in keeping with the village.

· I love the simplicity of the strings of lights, although not normally a fan of coloured lights they really cheer me up whenever I see them.

· Only lived here 2 years and think Holmes Chapel lights are fabulous

· They look wonderful as always. Thank you to all involved in making it look so magical at this time of year. And finally I love the crib outside of the parish church showing us all the true meaning of Christmas 🌟

· We love the lights in the village. Driving in today from Knutsford it made you feel happy to be part of this lovely community.

· We love the lights, especially the coloured ones that line the shops. The ones on trees could be better and I love the idea of doing more on lampposts - they looked great with the poppies and knitted items on them for the bike race. Thank you for all you do ☺️

· As a visitor I think the Christmas lights are lovely and welcoming. I live in Congleton and much prefer yours.

· It would be nice to see a bit of colour instead of just white lights.

· Love them and appreciate the effort that goes in to making our village look pretty for Christmas.

· Would be nice to maybe have the tree in the precinct? And generally more lights (like Sandbach and Knutsford).

· I love the traditional style of the Holmes chapel Christmas lights wouldn't change anything.

· I think they look great.

· The traditional style really suits the village. Keep it simple. Extension should definitely cover the medical centre.

· Time for a change!

· The lights are pretty but nothing about them is Christmas. Except the tree. The lamppost lights with stars angels etc are so festive. Extend onto manor lane and train station frequently used by residents for shops and trains. Love the colours.

· I, personally, am happy with the extent of lighting that is present. For me, it is the "village centre" that should be lit, if you spread to the residential estates, the question becomes where to stop.

· The Christmas lights have been the same for as long as I can remember and I think they look great.

· If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

· I think this years lights are perfect! Very tasteful and beautiful. Don’t change a thing!

· I think they look lovely. I love all the different colours and the simplicity. It is a small village and I think big displays would look tacky. At the moment it is beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work.

· It’s a lovely display, so thank you for your hard work. It would be nice to see more decorations and lights on the Christmas tree.

· Love them! Makes me extra proud to live in holmes chapel. First time I saw them i thought wow! They are always nice but seem nicer this year.

· Keep up the good work!!! But please, keep it classy!

· The lights are traditional and classy and really make it Christmas, different to tacky decoration in other areas

· Keep the decorations tasteful. We really like the different coloured bulbs - don’t make them all frosty blue. We don’t want them changing colour, just different colours from one bulb to the next - as in prior years.

· Where does the £6000 cost come from and why does it cost so much money

· Spend more money & get some decent decorations. Try visiting Sandbach & Knutsford & get some tips as they both know how to decorate beautifully

· White lights are sooo much nicer than the coloured ones. I would prefer this to be done before extending lights to lamp posts, as I like that idea too. Merry Xmas.

· Better Christmas Tree. Needs to be bigger. Take a look at the one in Middlewich at the Bullring. The tree in Holmes Chapel let’s the village down

· Keep up the great work

· They would be nice white or goldy.

· Maybe do a light switch on? Lots of local celebrations in the area.

· I think they church would look beautiful lit up as it’s the centre/heart of the village. Not sure if possible, but would look beautiful I’m sure.

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