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Front Garden Competition 2021

We are delighted to announce the winners of our Front Garden Competition for 2021 which also included runners up prizes!

Mr and Mrs Cooke won the overall competition. Cllrs Cotton and Street, who judged the competition, said of their garden; 'This garden has looked fantastic all year round, with a wide variety of different and interesting plants.' The Councillors regularly look round the village admiring and noticing different gardens. The Cooke's garden regularly caught their eye and made them very justified winners. The runners up for the overall competition were Mr and Mrs Gough who's terraced display particularly impressed the judges.

Mr and Mrs Coates were the winners of the Dane Housing Front Garden Competition. The judges were particularly impressed with the all year round colour of their garden and how they manage to make it look good throughout the seasons. Mr and Mrs Ankers were the runners up, with the judges commenting once more on the beauty of colour in their garden.

Both winners were awarded a trophy and £25 garden voucher from the Chairman of the Parish Council, Cllr Chris Jackson, and Cllrs Cotton and Street, before our Council meeting on 30th September. Mr and Mrs Gough, as runners up, were also presented with a trophy and £15 garden voucher. Mr and Mrs Ankers will be presented with their trophy and voucher at a later stage, as they were unable to attend the meeting.

Huge congratulations to all our winners and runners up!

Thank you also to all those residents who took the time to nominate local gardens, and to Cllr Patricia Cotton and Cllr Mike Street for their time carefully judging the competition.

Photos show the winners and runners up receiving their prizes and the winning gardens


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