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Help for our Local COVID Staff and Patients

The Co-op have just launched a new donation scheme - The Nanny Ness Appeal - for toiletries, chocolates, cards, letters and messages for those patients and staff in the Covid wards of our local hospitals. Families are not able to visit their relatives in hospital, and small gestures like this mean a great deal. Collection points are in both Co ops, and a local nurse is taking them to Leighton and Macclesfield.

This idea was inspired by Amy Ware, joint organiser of the annual Memory Walks, whose grandfather, Terry, passed away from Covid in the same ward at Leighton as her grandmother, Nanny Ness, who is still battling the virus. Most of the immediate family also tested positive to the virus so the only contact Nanny Ness has is by phone, and she is totally heartbroken as you can imagine.

"When we told Amy what our community was doing she said "that's so amazing, thank you so much. When I spoke to Nanny Ness on the phone and told her about the Nanny Ness Box Appeal, she cried and said she couldn't believe people cared so much".

Grateful thanks to Alison Wright, our Co-op Member Community Pioneer for organising this scheme.

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