Improvements to Brookfield Drive

The Parish Council is planning to make some improvements to the land on the corner of Brookfield Drive.

Firstly, we have worked with Cheshire East Council to tidy up the area by removing a couple of diseased trees and grinding out several tree roots. We have also planted two new trees which will provide some spring blossom. We hope we can work with CEC Highways to replace the street sign as part of the tidy up.

Finally, we want to add a small seating area and a planted border near to the letter box. which is shown on the plan below. The Parish Council will plant and maintain the border.

The next stage is to go out for quotation to various contractors as well as seeking the permission of Cheshire East to carry out these works.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact the Parish Council by email or phone 01477 533 934.

We look forward to the positive impact these improvements will make to that important area of open space.


Clerk of the Council

1 Church Walk

Holmes Chapel



01477 533934

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