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Land off Bramhall Drive Questionnaire


On 21st February 2020, the Parish Council released a survey asking residents to comment on the land just off Bramhall Drive. The survey was published online via Survey Monkey through the Parish Council Website and Facebook page, with paper copies made available in the library, doctor’s surgery, and community centre. The closing date for the survey was 24th March 2020.


There were 381 responses: 7 on paper, 374 via SurveyMonkey.

Q1. Do you use the open land off Bramhall Drive?

Yes 342 (90%)

No 38 (10%)

1 skipped the answer

Q2. How often do you use the land?

Daily 88 (23.1%)

At least once a week 183 (48%)

Rarely 75 (19.7%)

Never 33 (8.7%)

1 skipped the answer

Q3. What do you use the land for (please tick all that apply)?

To access the Dane Meadow 340

Kick about space 30

Meeting place for community groups e.g. scouts/guides 41

I do not use the land 31

Other (please specify) 32

Other included bird watching, golf pitching practice, planting bulbs, nature spotting, birthday party treasure hunts, exercising and playing

2 skipped the answer

Q4. Do you believe the land is of benefit to the community?

Yes 365 (96%)

No 16 (4%)

If so, why?

The below are a selection of comments – for a full list please contact that Clerk of the Council

· This is a heavily used piece of land - one of few green spaces in Holmes Chapel. It has a large number of trees and a habitat for diverse wildlife.

· Any development on this land would inhibit access to Cotton Wood and the Dane Meadow because it would become a narrow alleyway off putting both from a security angle and also visually. This estate was built with open spaces and this particular infill would go against all the principles behind the design.

· It is used by a lot of people giving a lot of pleasure

· Access to Dane Meadow. A bench and small outside adult gym in this sunny spot would make a further good use of the area.

· A pleasant patch of green land which should not be built on. Easy, attractive, and open access to Dane Meadow and the Dane Valley Way.

· It gives easier access to Dane Meadow without having to negotiate 77 steps. This footpath also allows exploration of flora and fauna. The land is also simply valuable green space.

· Because it should be for everyone to enjoy. Green spaces are important for wellbeing and health.

· It provides a very pleasant area from which to enter the Dame Meadow area. In the Spring there are many daffodils and crocus. It's a lovely natural area.

· Yes this is a really important space which gives open and direct access to Dane meadow. It’s used daily by local people and visitors to the area. The space invites people to walk down through the trees to the meadow and river.

· The Dane meadow is used by many to walk the dog, just escape the daily toil of life etc. To take away easy access would have a big impact on the Holmes Chapel community as a whole.

· It allows access to the open countryside. It is an important wildlife corridor. The other access point nearby is much steeper and therefore harder to use for those with disability/access issues.

· It's one of the only green spaces at this end of Holmes Chapel. Access to Dane Meadow. Variety of habitats for birds and animals are abundant on this piece of land. A meeting point for groups in the community. Dog walkers from all parts of Holmes Chapel use this area.

· Currently access to Dane Meadow is both appealing and encouraging Holmes Chapel residents to get out into the fresh air. A village Green would be a wonderful meeting point to meet up with friends before heading off for a lovely walk along the river Dane.

· It’s used by many people who either walk their dogs or by those who enjoy a walk through a nature reserve. Not forgetting of course the groups of young people, who incidentally spent time planting Spring bulbs at the entrance which look beautiful when in bloom.

· We use this as a safe meeting place when our Beaver Scout Group uses the Dane Valley. It's great to have this open space.

· If it was known to be available and was promoted, it would a brilliant space for such things as toddler group picnics, Cub outdoor activities, kids kicking a ball around etc

· It provides an attractive and open access point to the meadow. It is sheltered by trees, provides a breathing space after the walk up out of the meadow and welcome shade in the summer. When my children were younger it was often used as a meeting point to gather with friends before a walk and occasionally by brownies/guides as a meeting point before nature events down at the Dane. It feels safe for younger children to congregate or pause at the beginning or end of a walk at the meadow as it is slightly back from the road.

· We have hardly ANY green spaces left, no fields for playing & access for Dane Meadow is vital!!!

Q5. What is your postcode?

CW4 postcode 371 (97.4%)

Outside postcode 7 (1.8%)

2 did not state postcode

Q6. Any other comments

The below are a selection of comments – for a full list please contact that Clerk of the Council

· Building on small pockets of land around the town which was not meant to be for housing initially, should not be allowed anywhere.

· Brings community together. Chats with other walkers, green spaces. Important for environment. Barrier against pollution

· Other than day to day use accessing Dane Meadow I regularly used this space for Brownies meeting, games, activities and end of session songs.

· I think that it would be a shame if the land was not able to be designated as a village green as it provides access to Dane Meadows and the lovely views over the valley. It is also an important meeting place used by local community groups.

· This is a really precious space which we need to preserve and treasure as part of our local heritage. People love walking down into the meadow and many school age children use it as an educational nature trail. Many people contributed to it’s re design a few years ago and the entrance in Bramhall Drive is an important part of the design.

· As a HC Ratepayer, I strongly object to ANY expenditure for this small piece of land. The PC should be enforcing the provision of a footpath between Cottons Estate and Bramhall, as the Developer was supposed to implement.

· Open land is disappearing too quickly and infill highly likely. I would back the council in buying the land.

· It is the easiest access for people on foot. The knock on effects of people using cars to access the other corridors to the Dane Valley would cause many problems for local residents.

· To prevent this area from being fenced off and becoming a narrow and secluded area which may encourage anti-social behaviour I would implore the Parish Council to acquire this parcel of land for community use. It is very well used on a daily basis. The Holmes Chapel Partnership have worked hard on making Dane Meadow accessible by providing signage, gates, paths and sculptures etc. The green space in this area is imperative to the well-being of the community.

· I do not wish the Parish Council to spend tax payers money on acquiring this piece of land. It will be to little avail and there are far more important priorities awaiting attention.

· I have used this piece of land for playing and access to the woods as a child and continue to do so as an adult with my own children. It needs to remain!!

· I think the area is far too small to build anything on and it would completely obstruct any access on to the Dane Valley. There has been than enough building done in Holmes Chapel in the last few years and no extra infrastructure to support it !

· I hope the parish council will be able to negotiate for this land for the community. Thank you for even considering this.

· Pointless exercise and waste of public money.

· This is a lovely entrance space to the meadow. Our children often have a little play here before we head down. We also use it as a meeting point. We don't use it every week as we live the other side of HC, but we enjoy ad hoc walks all year round.

· The land would most likely be used for more activities if it was no longer private e.g. picnic area, bird watching (you could put some bird feeders up) etc, especially for people in the area without gardens. I.e. people in adjacent flats.

· It would be a shame to see this land used any other way, there are so many other areas that could be developed, Holmes chapel doesn’t have many Village Green areas at all.

· Please would you do same for the area near Don Albertos, if not too late, to stop over development see Cheshire East Planning Applications for Macclesfield Road

· I believe it is important this is a good access point to dane meadow. As a village we don’t have enough green space and this is an important access to the Dane meadow.

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