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Nine new trees for Holmes Chapel!

In keeping with our commitment to plant several trees each year in the Parish, and under the careful guidance of Cllr John Clowes, on Tuesday we planted nine trees, all of which have been grown in the UK, of different varieties in the parish.

Two white flowering cherries have been sited in the green space at the corner of Brookfield Drive / Chester Road and seven trees, including an acer, two ornamental pears and two ornamental silver birch trees have been planted in and around the boundary of the Middlewich Road play area.

Grateful thanks to ANSA for their donation of the stakes, ties and mulch mats and to Alan Bethell and his team for their skilled planting service.

We look forward to seeing these trees flourish and enhance our green open space for everyone's enjoyment!

And now, its back to the drawing board and a new dialogue with our local authority to approve locations for ten trees next year!


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