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Picton Square Improvements

The Parish Council recently held a consultation over possible ideas for improving the area of open space at Picton Square. We were delighted with the number of responses, with 128 people taking the time to comment.

As you can imagine there was a broad spectrum of ideas ranging from some residents wanting no changes, to additional seating, more trees, less trees, a garden area etc…

Our view, after considering all these options, was to make only minor changes as a substantial number of people liked the open aspect and opportunities for small children to play on the grass. We will add a couple of bench seats, one at either end of the space as a significant number of respondents asked for seating. But we have spaced these out to avoid them becoming too much like meeting points. In addition, we will add some new clumps of spring bulbs to add some colour in the early part of the year. Separately, as part of our tree planting programme for the village we will be adding a walnut tree to replace a tree which died. The design we have prepared is shown below:

The next stage of the plan is to go out for quotation to various contractors as well as seeking the permission of Cheshire East to carry out these works.

If you have any comments, questions or would like to see a copy of the analysis of the consultation, please contact the Parish Council by email or phone 01477 533 934.

We look forward to these minor changes which we expect will provide some extra benefit to residents and visitors to Picton Square.

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