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Press Release from Cheshire East - Litter-pick your way to fitness and help keep Cheshire East clean

A new Cheshire East initiative that encourages people to get active, spend time outdoors and help to keep local neighbourhoods litter free has been launched recently.

Cheshire East Council and Ansa Environmental Services – the council’s wholly owned waste and recycling service provider - are linking up with Everybody Health and Leisure centres on the Pick-Fit scheme to help combat the rise in litter, as well as encourage people to get outdoors in a bid to improve mental health and overall wellbeing.

The initial phase of the scheme is proving very popular with Cheshire East residents keen to get outdoors and active. Many have already signed up and received their Pick-Fit packs and are ready to get litter-picking.

Residents and families who get involved with litter-picking in their local area will be issued a free one-day pass to use the gym (18 years plus) or access the pool facilities at one of their leisure centres. In addition, any residents and families carrying out multiple litter picks will be entered into a prize draw to win a two-month free membership with Everybody Health and Leisure.

Councillor Mick Warren, chair of Cheshire East Council’s environment and communities committee said: “We have a dedicated crew of street cleaners who help keep the environment clean, but unfortunately some people are still dropping litter. It is important to us that our litter management teams have a significant presence, not only with street cleaning, but also in our parks and green spaces. However, we also have lots of public-spirited residents and community groups who have a lot of pride in their neighbourhoods and want to help keep them clean and tidy. We have all come to appreciate the real benefits to our health and wellbeing by taking part in outdoor activities. Our new Pick-Fit initiative offers the best of both worlds combining physical activity with the sense of achievement that comes from looking after your local environment.”

Thomas Barton, chief executive officer at Everybody Health and Leisure, said: “We are delighted to be working with Cheshire East Council and Ansa Environmental Services on this initiative, encouraging the community to get active outdoors whilst keeping their local area clean and tidy. We were keen to support this by providing the local community with a free pass as a thank you for getting involved and helping them to remain active in our facilities. We really look forward to welcoming you into our centres and good luck to all those who enter into the prize draw!”

Litter-picking is an effective way to get outdoors and stay active – regular walks can help with weight loss, improve mental health, and can reduce the chances of heart disease. Pick-Fit offers residents the opportunity to get fit while earning a free pass to an Everybody leisure centre just for completing a litter-pick.

Anyone signing up for Pick-Fit will receive a litter picker, litter bags, hi-vis vest, protective gloves and a guidebook. Once complete, pickers can send a photo to the council detailing the location of the collected waste and will receive an Everybody leisure centre voucher in return.

To find out more about Pick-Fit and sign-up for your litter picking pack, go to Cheshire East Council’s website at: or email:

Everybody leisure centres are located across Cheshire East. To find out the location of your nearest centre, visit:

Photo From left to right Kevin Melling, Chief Executive Officer, Ansa Environmental Services, Richard Jones, General Manager, Everybody Health and Leisure, Thomas Barton, Chief Executive Officer, Everybody Health and Leisure and Laura Demican, Community Engagement Officer, Ansa Environmental Services

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