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There's a . . . Rumble . . . in the Jungle!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Dane Sound are facilitating the "Rumble In The Jungle 2020" for Holmes Chapel and Cranage in a bid to see some wonderful exhibits around the community throughout July. This is based on the fabulous success of the scarecrow exhibits in Goostrey during April & May. Now during lockdown and the risk of Covid 19 still in our communities we have proposed a safe simple version for 2020; just the exhibits (allowing families and businesses to create a jungle animal to display on their premises ) and a Safe Safari allowing families to walk around the villages to spot the Jungle exhibits in their own time

A chance to put a smile on residences faces over the next 6 weeks with colourful exhibits running 6th July -August 14th.

To keep it safe all communication is being done on line via emails and facebook updates and posters will be put up in the centre of the village. Registration forms can be downloaded and dropped off at The Print Room or can be completed and returned on line. (The Print Room will have forms for members of the community who do not have the internet or facebook )There will be no launch gathering, no disco as in previous years, no booklet; just a form which will identify the road names of exhibits in order to find them and a voting slip to record their favourites

So this year the community will vote for their favourite exhibits and we will offer prizes for the top 3 through voting "People's Choice 1st 2nd and 3rd" and then invite sponsors to offer a prize and then they choose their favourite exhibit to receive the prize. This is the same format as Goostrey and The Goostrey Parish Council offered as a prize a £10 amazon voucher, and Morrey's have confirmed their support.

We would love to have your support and maybe an exhibit in the window if you have any queries or questions please contact Marie Bennett or myself We are not looking to make money from the event it is a community project for July

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards


Debra Cummins

Dane Sound Radio

07769 214100



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