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UK Government Consultation on Pavement Parking

On 31 August 2020 the Government published an open consultation titled ‘Pavement parking: options for change’.

Through the Department for Transport (DfT)’s close contact with a range of stakeholders, they know that pavement parking can cause real problems for pedestrians, but particularly for wheelchair users, people with visual impairments and those with prams or buggies.

They also recognise that in many narrow streets pavement parking is necessary to maintain free-flowing traffic, including for emergency services. They state that local authorities are best placed to assess how parking should be managed in their communities.

Last year, the DfT completed an exercise to gather evidence on the problems that pavement parking causes, the effectiveness of current legislation, and the case for reform.

There is a consultation open to all on the different options being put forward. This consultation is open until 22nd November and can be accessed by clicking this link.

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