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Village Children picking up litter and weeds.

A new initiative is underway to get our junior residents involved in keeping the village looking clean and tidy. At the latest meeting of the Village Volunteers on Sunday there were 12 new volunteers joined in to help out, and between them cleaned up a lot of litter, which others have chosen to leave behind, as well as getting involved with weeding and gardening.

The Parish Council were delighted to support this venture and have provided tools for the junior gardeners.

Grateful thanks to Alison, Naomi and Graham, who co-ordinate these volunteer sessions and to all the junior volunteers who have given up their time for Holmes Chapel. We are also grateful for the ongoing commitment of our long standing volunteers, who have tirelessly worked in Holmes Chapel for many years. Great work!

Find out more about the sessions:

It is great to see the involvement of these younger residents in spreading the message to PICK UP your litter and TAKE IT HOME! Let's spread the word and stop littering.

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