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2021/2022 Budget

A variety of factors, including delays in planning assessment due to COVID-19 along with an increase in exemptions and discounts have resulted in taxbases across Cheshire East being reduced for this coming financial year. For Holmes Chapel, our taxbase has been reduced by 1.2%, despite more new homes being occupied in the parish over the last year. This situation is one that is echoed throughout the country, resulting from the pandemic we have endured.

We have made savings where possible, and have set the budget for the coming year at £231,501.00, an increase of 0.5% per household (38p extra per annum for a Band D dwelling), and two thousand pounds lower overall than last year.

We have ambitious plans for project work next year, which include the long-awaited refurbishment of Church Walk, improvements to Picton Square and also improvements of the drainage and accessibility of the Elm Drive Play Area, to name a few. This is in addition to our continuing provision of regular services for Holmes Chapel, including for example, maintenance work around the village, the provision of the Community Centre and the Christmas Lights installation.

January 2021

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