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Annual Parish Meeting 2023

Our Annual Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday 14th March 2023. It was fantastic to see so many of our residents - thank you for taking the time to attend.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman Cllr Chris Jackson who welcomed all attendees. He then introduced Detective Constable Andrew Kevan, who provided a very informative presentation on Cyber Crime and how we can protect ourselves from online scams.

Detective Constable Kevan talked through ways in which we can avoid being victims of cyber fraud and how to protect ourselves better online. These tips included:

  1. Making sure you know who has sent you an email/text/message or who is actually calling you.

  2. Often fraudsters will state that an issue is urgent and needs to be acted on quickly - this is to panic you into not thinking straight and double checking. Never be afraid to double check. A reputable company will never ask for details over the phone. Always verify who you are speaking too and if in doubt, hang up or delete the message.

  3. Question everything - for example if a message is sent via social media from a friend/family member asking for money. Ask why they would request money via social media? Contact that person via a different method.

  4. Online shopping - if you see an item too good to be true - question it. Always use secure payment methods. Fraudsters can fake bank transfers - so if selling something, always make sure you have received the funds before letting the item go.

  5. Online dating scams - never send money to someone you have not met. Ask friends and family for their opinion. Question why this person would suddenly need money.

  6. Protect your accounts with strong 3 random word password.

  7. Don't open links/downloads if you are unsure who sent you the message.

He shared the following golden rules:

  • If something doesn't look or feel right, it probably isn't.

  • Never be rushed into doing something - take your time to review all the information.

  • Never give your personal details to anyone you do not know.

  • Never give out your passwords.

  • Use strong passwords - 3 random words or phrases that mean something to you.

  • Add two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised changes.

Useful websites are:


Please report all incidents to Action Fraud:

0300 123 2040

or contact the police on 101 or

This informative talk was followed by a presentation of the Chairman's report by Cllr Chris Jackson. Cllr Jackson highlighted the work of the Parish Council over the last year, which has included the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, Improvements to Church Walk, Community Centre projects, refurbishment of the Parish Office and much more. A copy of his report can be read by clicking the following link: Chairman's Report

The Chairman then received questions from attendees and closed the meeting.

Thank you to all those who attended.


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