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Are you interested to help out at schools with the COVID-19 mass testing programme?

Supporting schools with mass testing

All secondary schools pupils are being offered 3 LFT tests on return to school before beginning regular home testing.

This will be a big task in schools and while they have already recruited staff and volunteers known to the school they may still require additional help during the testing period which will mainly be 1-19th March.

There will be several roles required ranging from supervisors who will guide pupils into and out of the testing area to test operative who will process the swabs provided by the pupil.

Training for some roles is required – this is done by completing a 5-15 min on-line course.

Details of the roles and access to the training are given below.

If you are interested please contact:

Nicola Axford - Education COVID response team

People Directorate | Cheshire East Council | Macclesfield Town Hall, SK10 1EA

01606 271951/07798 925902 |

The link to access training is here: The token code will be provided to allow the training to be completed.


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