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Community Centre Roof Consultation

On 7th July 2019, the Parish Council began a one month period of consultation with local residents to ascertain the level of support for repairing/replacing some of the roofs at Holmes Chapel Community Centre.

A survey was created, which was distributed to residents at the village fair on Sunday 7th July. Copies of the survey were also placed at the library, health centre and community centre. The questionnaire was also made available online via SurveyMonkey. The existence of the survey was advertised through the Parish Council’s website and Facebook page. A report about the roof consultation was also published in the Knutsford Guardian.

Residents were asked: 'Have you any objection to the Parish Council repairing and replacing the damaged roofs on the Community Centre?' Yes or No. If Yes, residents were asked to provide a reason.

194 responses were received including 18 from non-residents:

No Objection 178 (91.75%)

Objection 16 (8.25%)

Total: 194

No Objection (residents only) 160 (90.91%)

Objection 16 (9.09%)

Total: 176

This response shows overwhelmingly that residents have no objection to the Parish Council using funds and a Public Works Loan to repair and replace roofs at the Community Centre.

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