Community Centre Roofs

In Summer 2019, the Parish Council went out to tender for the replacement and refurbishment of 5 flat roofs at the Community Centre. The Parish Council received scopes of work from 4 different manufacturers and sent invitations to quote to approved contractors for each manufacturer. The opportunity was also advertised on our website and Contract Finder.

(Before photo)

The Parish Council received 5 tender responses and on 29th August 2019, held an extraordinary Council meeting to discuss the tenders received. It was agreed to appoint Alpha Roofing to carry out the work. The estimated cost of the works being £70,000.

In order to carry out the works, the Parish Council needed to borrow £60k from the Public Works Loan Board. Consultation with residents revealed that over 90% were in favour of the roofs being repaired/replaced. The application for borrowing was subsequently approved.

Works on the roofs commenced in October 2019, with completion in December. The total cost of the project was £84,436 (including VAT). The Council have reclaimed the VAT costs totalling £13,772.66.

(After photo)


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