A new Bereavement Helpline has been introduced by the NHS to support bereaved families during the Coronavirus outbreak. The new helpline is not a counselling service but will be available to offer support, guidance and advice on dealing with grief and loss. The helpline will be staffed by NHS Blood and Transplant registered nurses who are highly skilled and experienced in working with bereaved people. What is the purpose of the helpline? During the Coronavirus outbreak there has been an increase in bereaved families, as well as significant changes to palliative care and end of life services, which will affect all deaths, both Covid-19 and non Covid-19 related. This is a bereavement helpline to offer guidance, support and advice to those dealing with loss at this difficult time. What guidance and advice will the helpline offer? We will be listening carefully to each individual who calls to determine what level of support they need or can be directed towards. We are working with a number of charity partners who have offered their services for us to direct people towards. We will be signposting the callers to services ranging from the practical to specialist bereavement and emotional support. This is not a counselling service. Who is answering the calls? The service will be run by dedicated staff members from NHS Blood and Transplant who’s jobs involve working closely with bereaved families. These are registered nurses who are unable to work on the frontline due to their own health or personal circumstances.


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