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COVID Vaccination update

Care home residents and staff GP-led vaccination sites worked tirelessly over the weekend to vaccinate care home residents and staff who were yet to receive a vaccine. With 172 care homes across the county, this was no mean feat. Where able, all care home residents and staff were offered a vaccination. Exceptions were only made where, for example, a resident or staff member had returned a positive COVID-19 test. Where required, return visits will be made to ensure all residents and staff have been offered a vaccination. The story of Cheshire's COVID-19 vaccination programme so far If you haven't already done so, please check out this fantastic video which collates footage from vaccination centres across both Cheshire East and Cheshire West. Please also feel free to share on across your networks using the following link: The story of Cheshire's COVID-19 vaccination programme so far. The vital role of volunteers More than 1,400 volunteers have come forward to support Cheshire’s COVID-19 vaccination programme so far. Fulfilling a wide range of roles, including car park marshalls, shift managers and welcome and exit team members, volunteers are playing a crucial role in the drive to protect Cheshire’s most vulnerable residents from COVID-19. Three of Cheshire’s army of volunteers have shared their experiences so far. More here. Cheshire's COVID-19 vaccination programme - What you need to know Comprehensive and regularly updated information about Cheshire's COVID-19 vaccination programme is available via NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group's website here:


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