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Dane Meadow Bin is no more

We are saddened that the bin in the Dane Meadow has been set on fire, and is now nothing more than the metal insert and a pool of melted plastic.

We bought this bin with grant funds, and the "Friends of the Dane Meadow", led by Hazel Sutcliffe, have organised a rota whereby volunteers empty the bin each week, carrying the rubbish up to the top of the hill, where it is collected by Cheshire East operatives.

We have organised for the remains of the old bin to be removed, and are also investigating a replacement.

Meanwhile, lets all take care of our open spaces:

The Countryside Code

Natural England have just launched their new version of The Countryside Code.

As restrictions start to ease and we look forward to more freedom in the near future we expect that more people will start to enjoy time in the countryside once again.

The Countryside Code has great practical advice so that you can plan your trip.

It explains best practice in the countryside so that we can all support our rural communities in the best way.

The Rural Crime Team will look forward to seeing some of you at our future events when covid restrictions lift.

Keep up to date on our activities on Facebook @CheshPolRural.

Click this link for more details: Countryside code picture

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