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New Shady Pond in Dane Meadow

When the planning permission for "The Cottons" housing estate was agreed with our local authority, included in the terms of the agreement was a sum of money which was to be used for ecological developments in this area. Some of this funding has already been spent developing the wild flower meadow in the Dane Meadow (still a work in progress). We have now organised and carried out a further project - the enhancement of the Shady Pond.

This pond is situated close to the community orchard in the Dane Meadow park, but was generally too shallow to be noted as a pond, and was very seasonally affected. It has been deepened and enlarged, and the addition of some new decking makes it easier to walk around the pond area, which can be quite boggy.

We are hopeful that this pond, which is fed from a nearby spring, will encourage more wildlife in this area - from pond skaters and water boatmen to dragonflies and damselflies, frogs, toads and newts. We look forward to seeing it mature and naturalise into its setting.

December 2020

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