Winners of the Front Garden Competition 2020

Every year, the Parish Council runs a best front garden competition in the village. There are two prizes; Front Garden Competition Winner and Dane Housing Bungalow Competition Winner. Cllrs Michael Street and Patricia Cotton take time to tour the village admiring the front gardens of residents. They were very impressed by the quality of gardens on display, which have given even more joy this year to residents and neighbours as they have taken their daily exercise We are delighted that this year, the competition was won by Mr and Mrs Salter, and Mrs Gobbett.

Mrs Gobbett enjoys creating a garden filled with love for everyone to enjoy. Her unusual “Angels Wings” plants flourish with her care, and the birds are regular visitors, with Jenny Wrens nesting in the garden this year. For Mr and Mrs Salter, they find working in the garden fulfilling and rewarding, even more so during this difficult year. They were delighted that their garden has brought cheer to those walking by and their neighbours and are thrilled to have won the prize for the best front garden.

In normal times, the prize of garden vouchers and a trophy are presented during a meeting of the Parish Council. However, because the Parish Council is not holding physical meetings, we arranged a socially distanced presentation with Cllrs Cotton and Street.

The Parish Council looks forward to seeing what residents can do with their front gardens in 2021!

Photos below showing the winners with Cllrs Cotton and Street, plus photos of the winning gardens.


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