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More Trees Planted!

In keeping with our recent commitment to plant ten trees each year across the parish, more trees were planted at various Holmes Chapel locations on Friday last week.

A new deciduous hedgerow, in continuation of the hedge along the western boundary at Strathmore Close play area was one of the new sites. 200 whips were planted comprising of hawthorn and holly with blackthorn, wild cherry, dog rose and field maple too. Also planted at this location were three ornamental pear trees, to add to the tree line in this area.

A walnut has been planted on Picton Square, two white bark birch trees in the village green, as well as two ornamental pears at Elm Drive play area. We also replaced a birch tree at Middlewich Road Play area which was vandalised and subsequently removed earlier in the year.

Thanks to Alan Bethell for the planting work and advice, and to our own Cllr John Clowes -under whose guidance and direction the whole planting scheme takes place.

We are also grateful to "Home Grown in Holmes Chapel" who have funded and planted four more dwarf apple trees along the banks of the river Croco, adding to the harvestable stock all around the village - Thank You.

We hope you all enjoy the trees as they flourish in future years.



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